2023 Winterfest Court Q&As: Ali Grendel

How do you feel about being on Winterfest court? 

“It’s very exciting. I was definitely shocked, but I was really happy about it.”

What was your reaction to the announcement? 

“I was definitely surprised, and I was really flattered that all of my classmates voted for me.”

How will Winterfest night play out for you? 

“I’m planning on going to dinner, pictures, and going to the dance, so I’m really excited. It’s going to be my last one, so I just hope it’s the best one yet.”

Who do you think should have been nominated? 

“I feel like there [are] so many awesome people in our class that I think should have been nominated. There [are] so many super sweet people. I can’t think of one specifically.”

Explain why people should vote for you as queen? 

“I feel like being voted on is such a big accomplishment, but if I do get voted Queen, I will serve and protect my citizens.”

What is your favorite senior year memory? 

“One of my favorite senior year memories is definitely football season. That’s probably one of my favorite times of the year, hanging out with friends and having something to do every Friday night, and being with my class is always fun.”

Would you ever go skydiving? 

“I feel like it’s something I definitely should do. I feel like it’d be such a cool experience, but I am very afraid of heights, so I feel like I’d be one of those people that’s clutching onto the side of the plane as I was trying to jump. I feel like if someone pushed me off, then I would really enjoy it once I was doing it.”

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