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The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

The Student Voice of Forest Hills Central

The Central Trend

Meghan Kennedy

Meghan Kennedy, Podcast Manager

Meghan. also known as Meggie, is living up her senior year on The Central Trend. Starting out with a new role as Podcast Manager, Meggie is looking forward to meeting and working with new people in all of her classes and is excited to cultivate a multitude of art projects as well as her portfolio. Meggie is hoping that her senior year will be filled to the brim with creativity, connections with friends and family, memorable experiences, and a couple of rocking stories on The Central Trend.

Favorite stories to write: It really depends on her mood, but reviews, columns, and editorials take the top three spots.

Hobbies & Interests: Contemporary and ballet dance, putting any creative abilities into practice, taking walks, meditating, and spending time with friends.

Colors that (she thinks) embody her: Light blue, lavender, and tangerine orange.

Random things that are nice: Lighting scented candles, layers of blankets, the first belligerent sip of a GT's Kombucha, the time of the evening where the sunset is just about to start, driving and listening to nostalgic music, staring up into the canopy of leaves during summertime.

All content by Meghan Kennedy
A picture I took at the Lorde concert I recently attended in Chicago. It reminded that I have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to.

The end of our end

May 4, 2022

The walls I'm sitting between have started to compress; they move an inch closer every time my lungs hesitantly inflate then deflate. In retrospect, I haven't been breathing that much—or in a way that...

Overcoming the ballad of a bad memory

Overcoming the ballad of a bad memory

April 18, 2022

October came clawing too early one year. Plowing through purity into festering guilt, I sank into a familiar cadence with rhythms and notes that traversed the air around me. Scalding water and belligerent...

The album cover for Melt My Eyez See Your Future featuring a blurred Denzel Curry.

Denzel Curry’s latest album rippled the waters of versatility and creative composition

March 28, 2022

In June of 2019, I had no idea that attending a Billie Eilish concert would lead me to one of my current favorite artists, Denzel Curry. That day, I found out that he would be opening for Eilish, but...

Pictured here is Sunny Xu posing for one of his senior photos.

Sunny Xu finds balance in martial arts

March 24, 2022

Senior Sunny Xu is right on the cusp of earning his black belt in martial arts. For just over a decade, he has worked toward this precise accomplishment and has gained maturity in doing so from the people...

This picture was taken right after my tattoo was completed. Artwork courtesy of Stephanie Lane at Honest to Goodness.

A constant reminder

March 21, 2022

I got my first tattoo—it's probably the best birthday gift I have received thus far in my life. On a Wednesday night, I got a hummingbird—sipping the nectar from flowers, encircled in a ring of rough...

My first bottle of Bloom pictured in front of a bright bouquet of pink tulips.

GT’s Kombucha spring edition flavor, “Bloom,” is a jubilee of fresh flavors for this new chapter of life

March 14, 2022

I am desperate for spring, as most of us—at least in the Midwest—are. Though I am seeking a warmer world, I continue to use cool bottles of GT’s Kombucha to cope, something that is very in character...

Senior Stephan Wolf posing with a vintage military helmet.

Stephan Wolf uses his historical knowledge to see every perspective

March 10, 2022

Senior Stephan Wolf is not a fan of fake news. His veracity fuels his historical knowledge, which catalyzes his explicit understanding of both past and current events. “There's a lot of nations in...

A picture I captured of a book that washed up onto Lake Superiors shore, surrounded in a heart of rocks.

Life gave me lemons, and I’ve spent these days making do with them

March 7, 2022

These days have been about quarreling with my overwhelmed, overworked, over-sensitive, over-everything mind. Barrelling through seasons of shows I’ve seen as many times as I’ve blinked. Feeling a tentative...

The album cover of Continuance showcasing hundreds of carbon-copy buildings and the artists names.

Continuance reopened the beauty of a sunny day

February 28, 2022

The sun has been out more lately—the skies have finally started to open on the grays, and I couldn't be happier. As I've found myself basking in gratitude for this brighter world, the album Continuance...

ShaCarri Richardson (left) and Kamila Valieva (right) both performing their Olympic sports.

Sha’Carri Richardson vs. Kamila Valieva: the discrepancies between their Olympic scandals

February 22, 2022

The Olympics have been a prevalent event throughout history, testing the limits of human physical capabilities. Along with the unfathomable showcasing of sports and numerous countries’ athletes, the...

The album cover for Few Good Things.

Few Good Things explores the perspective of storytelling through personal experiences

February 14, 2022

In early February, rapper and record producer Saba released his latest project, Few Good Things—but this work goes far beyond an album. Growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Saba faced many hardships...

Here is the entire Dance Team at a football game from earlier this year.

The FHC Varsity Dance Team is waltzing their way towards Nationals

February 10, 2022

It's officially the time of year that the FHC Varsity Dance Team has been preparing for: Nationals season. Approaching her second and final time competing at Nationals, junior team co-captain Ali Grendel...

A picture from this past summer during a moment where I truly felt present.

Nothing is real but this very moment

February 7, 2022

Every day, I wake up, eat breakfast, get ready, go to school, come back home, do my work, eat dinner, then go back to bed—the only exception from my weekly ritual is the weekend, a two-day-long stint...

The album cover for Joltjacket showcasing the title engrained in an artistic stone slab.

Joltjacket is a compound of metallic sound and harmonious flow

February 2, 2022

Lately, I've been needing a wake-up call—the world of gray around me has suppressed me into redundancy, allowing for no leeway in my rigid routines. Just as I had almost fallen into complete slumber...

An all-encompassing photo of inside the antique store, Century Antiques.

The art of antiquing bonds students with history and connections to one another

January 31, 2022

A trip to an antique store is unique to each person who chooses to venture into the expansive collections of pre-owned items; for some, it's energizing, but for others, it's overwhelming. For sophomore...

A picture I took from my car showcasing the sunset and my Central Trend sticker. This was a rare drive where not one problem occured.

Greetings, my defective car—this message is for you

January 24, 2022

Hello, my 2008 Subaru Outback. As we both know, times have been quite trying as of recently—all I can say is that we have been through it. I have officially been your driver since August—a time...

Here is Julian Hayes pictured in the band room.

Junior Julian Hayes inhales musical media and exhales art of all kinds

January 17, 2022

Sometimes the spontaneous urge to create an art project at a random hour of the night is overpowering—at least this rings true for junior Julian Hayes. “Yesterday at midnight, I had the sudden urge...

Here is my first bottle of Pure Love pictured in the Fresh Thyme parking lot.

GT’s Kombucha winter edition flavor, “Pure Love,” refreshed the season with a hearty trio of flavors

January 17, 2022

Ever since autumn, I have frequently enjoyed the “Living in Gratitude” special edition flavor of GT’s Kombucha. Its fall-tinged demeanor bore a warm cocktail of spices and flavors that resembled...

The interior of my car saturated in blue.

The beginning of our end

January 10, 2022

I was watching cars pass on the road beside me, while an aching glow kept a careful eye on me. My bones seemed to mutate with the frigid pavement of my driveway as I lay sheltered beneath a skyline of...

The song cover for MENTHOL* picturing Jean Dawson blending into piles of clothes.

Jean Dawson’s newest single is a support beam for my wavering stability

December 13, 2021

For the past month or so, I have been overtaken by projects and assignments and have struggled to pack in minutes to meet deadlines. And because inconvenience doesn't have any regard for my circumstances,...

A picture of an infamous Scholastic Book Fair set up in a school library.

Scholastic Book Fairs: how the inequalities outweigh nostalgia

December 6, 2021

Opinions expressed in editorials on The Central Trend are the view of the individual writer and are not the opinion of the entire staff of The Central Trend or the Forest Hills Central staff or administration. On...

Pictured here is the entire family sitting at the dinner table in the poster for The Humans.

The Humans is an eerie rendering of family drama through a lens of symbolism

November 29, 2021

When one thinks of Thanksgiving, the word “frightening” does not typically come to mind. But underneath the abundantly decorated dining table and the expressions of gratitude, tensions in family matters...

TCTs The Countless Thanks 2021: Meghan Kennedy

TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Meghan Kennedy

November 23, 2021

My fellow AP Art people—for helping me explore the differences Every day at 12:35 p.m., I step into my favorite section of the building—the art department. I am continually greeted by the faces...

A painting that I feel encapsulates the feeling and overall emotion of this column.

The faces that wreathe her within walls of stone

November 15, 2021

She steeps in sauntering heat waves, unafflicted by the cool swishes of air encircling her bubble of comfort. Encased in a tiled box just beyond gypsum walls, caricatures of estranged hearts, creatures,...

The titles for Helen of Troy and Hold No Grudge with some of the tracklist photos for Solar Power.

Two new bonus tracks have been released on Lorde’s album Solar Power, and they are worth the listen

November 9, 2021

A couple of months after Lorde’s Solar Power album release, two new bonus tracks have been delivered to the scene of her songs. Being a part of the Solar Power (Deluxe Edition) album, the songs “Helen...

Here is Jaye Jelier (far left) posing with her husband and three kids.

Jaye Jelier has dwelled in the realm of reading and writing throughout her career

November 4, 2021

With a devotion to books, words, and everything under the scope of journalism, librarian Jaye Jelier has established a career in her passion for literature. “I have a journalism degree from the University...

This is one of my paintings from my AP portfolio last year.

The path feels turbulent, but I continue through art

November 2, 2021

Art has always been the crux of my being. The hastily sketched curvatures of pencil markings and the bold colors spread around the canvas forming murals of my imagination have simply integrated into my...

Spooky Humans: Jodi Arsulowicz

Spooky Humans: Jodi Arsulowicz

October 29, 2021

"I think I was probably in fifth or sixth grade, 10 or 11 years old, because my girlfriend and I got to go trick-or-treating by ourselves around our neighborhood—we thought we were big-time. [As we were...

The thumbnail of the second season of Modern Love, an Amazon Original.

Modern Love season two portrays various forms of love through diverse storylines

October 25, 2021

Love is many things—love is familial, love is for the self, love is passionate, and love is universal. There is not just one way to spell out the true meaning of it. However, the show Modern Love embodies...

Intro to Business Q&As: Vivian Wheland - Mr. Whiff

Intro to Business Q&As: Vivian Wheland – Mr. Whiff

October 19, 2021

Product: Mr. Whiff Instagram: @mr.whiffaf Group Members: Vivian Wheland (leadership/management), Emma Geib (sales), Philip Murdock (finance), Jack Ward (marketing), and Colin Oderkirk (supply chain) What...

A picture of the first bottle of the Living in Gratitude flavor I had ever tried. This was an authentic and beautiful moment.

GT’s Kombucha fall edition flavor, “Living in Gratitude,” is my autumnal elixir

October 11, 2021

I consider myself a kombucha connoisseur. From the crack of the bottle cap revealing the flowing plumes of vapor to the crisp bite of the first sip, I know my way around a good kombucha. If you don’t...

Here is Ted Weaver with his aforementioned collection of sick guitars.

Through a unique combination of playing guitar and an adoration for nature, Ted Weaver thrives

October 8, 2021

Junior Ted Weaver and his sister were perusing the aisles of a Goodwill a few years back when they discovered a Dinosaur Jr. band t-shirt.  “I was like, '[What] the heck is Dinosaur Jr?’” Ted...

I took his picture last October when I felt the overwhelming yellow deep within me. The world will look just like this again in the matter of days.

Although the future feels far, at least these moments have stars on them

October 4, 2021

Sewn together in thick yarn, she is emboldened in her warmth for fall that is now growing gratuitously cooler. She feels obligated to commemorate the switching of seasons through expected practices—revering...

Here is my iced vanilla latte freshly made at the Golden Grounds Coffee Co. grand opening.

Golden Grounds Coffee Co. mends bold flavors with a sunny atmosphere

September 27, 2021

I have always been thoroughly intrigued by coffee shops, despite my tepid fondness for the coffee itself. There’s just something about the palpable scents that float around willingly and the nonchalance...

Here is the entire FHC Wing Club during their first meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Built on friendship and flavor, the Wing Club strives for success in every wing consumed

September 27, 2021

With just a pack of wings and a group of friends, a hot and spicy idea was born. Although only the first meeting commenced this past Monday, the FHC Wing Club is off to a sizzling start.  “So [some...

Homecoming Court Q&As: Roman Kalaczinski

Homecoming Court Q&As: Roman Kalaczinski

September 24, 2021

What was your reaction to hearing your name called? "When my name was called, I was kind of shocked. I’d had a few people come up to me and tell me they voted for me, but not enough that I thought I...

Improv Team Q&As: Russell Baird

Improv Team Q&As: Russell Baird

September 16, 2021

What made you decide to join Improv? “I joined Improv because it looked like a good time, and I heard it was a more relaxed group.” What is your favorite Improv memory? “My favorite memory...

Here is the thumbnail for The White Lotus featuring Sydney Sweeney, Steve Zahn, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Brittany OGrady, Fred Hechinger, Natasha Rothwell, Murray Bartlett, Jake Lacy, and Alexandra Daddario.

The White Lotus is a series of dark dynamics in the scope of paradise

September 13, 2021

A tropical vacation, an opulent honeymoon, and a commemorative getaway are three separate storylines simultaneously occurring at The White Lotus resort. Filled with an insurmountable level of building...

Art teacher Grace Stynes posing for a picture in the infamous FHC art department

Grace Stynes is creating a community in the art department with her abundance of artistic experience

September 9, 2021

With a step into the ambient and expansively cozy art department, the vividly versatile art teacher, Grace Stynes, stands proudly in the artistic community she is cultivating at FHC. Stynes has had...

Here is a picture of me on a beach in Seattle this past summer. I was truly living in the moment here.

The beguiling past, imminent future, and the beautiful now

September 6, 2021

An unbreakable chain, an indestructible pattern, my days are all beginning to feel the same. Though the newness of September has not fully set in, my weeks are growing with repetition. Looking ahead...

Here is one of the album covers for Solar Power featuring Lorde gracefully standing on a beach wearing a beautiful yellow gown.

Lorde’s long awaited album Solar Power has delivered me with the utmost solace and sunshine

August 30, 2021

When I was twelve years old, my love for Lorde’s music blossomed. She became a soundtrack to Subaru rides and the synergy of a strawberry field. Her words and cadences became as familiar as the back...

Here is the author Florence Given promoting the release of her book Women Dont Owe You Pretty.

The book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty is my source of empowerment

June 1, 2021

My dread of the ten-minute, blank interval of pure monotony—otherwise known as reading time—at the beginning of my AP Lang class has never been a friendly acquaintance or something I remotely look...

Freshman Kate Franklin sits, smiling against a blue wall, in the corner booth of a restaurant.

Freshman Kate Franklin flourishes in her fervor for all things art related

May 21, 2021

From a standpoint of youth and a fresh sense of curiosity, four-year-old—now freshman—Kate Franklin found herself intrigued by her professional artist aunt’s creative abilities. This spark of inspiration...

The official album cover for the EP This Thing of Ours. It is represented in bold colors that coincide with the overall nature of this track-list.

The EP This Thing of Ours is a vibrant symphony of color and composition

May 18, 2021

With a tinge of the blues and a solid base of instrumental abstractness, the four-track EP This Thing of Ours, released by The Alchemist, is a gateway to a colorful and anomalous musical enterprise. Included...

The album cover for Dont Go Tellin Your Momma.

Topaz Jones’ new album is the musical embodiment of a polaroid paired with an intricate storyline

May 14, 2021

The click of a polaroid and the warmth of its nostalgic film is encapsulated by the album Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma by Topaz Jones. Embroidered in silky rhythms and saturated by a synopsis of...

The prelude to perfection lays beneath her flowers

The prelude to perfection lays beneath her flowers

May 11, 2021

Her angular days have struck nothing but the essence of a moon buried in the clouds. She cannot move without the light and the light has been conserved in another dome—one that does not intersect with...

The aforementioned place of the abode!

The abode that mends me

April 27, 2021

It’s a place of ardor, tumultuous hours that the sun graces, and summer’s sweet kiss. It's where the black-eyed Susans twirl and the birds bury their burdens. It's the kind of place that hollers my...

With her college major set on nursing, Hannah Fife aims to help every person she can

With her college major set on nursing, Hannah Fife aims to help every person she can

April 23, 2021

Being a helper of all people is in senior Hannah Fife’s nature.  With the school year coming to a close and college lingering just over the current seniors' heads, Hannah has found her excitement...

Lava La Rues EP cover for Butter-Fly.

Lava La Rue’s newest EP is a metamorphosis of sonic sounds

April 20, 2021

Just as the trees begin to culminate their collections of lime leaves and the newborn flowers scribble pastel patches onto Earth’s verdures, fresh and fitting harmonies have found new light in this flourishing...

Kid Cudi wearing his Kurt Cobain tribute dress on Saturday Night Live.

Men wearing dresses is more than just a statement, and its been that way for years

April 13, 2021

Dresses, dresses, and more men wearing dresses—I love to see it.  From gowns to skirts, several men spreading across the decades have elevated their fashion choices by adding these stereotypical...

Discussing the ethical and sustainability factors among the clothing brands Shein and CHNGE

Discussing the ethical and sustainability factors among the clothing brands Shein and CHNGE

March 9, 2021

Booming with an array of colors, patterns, fabrics, and styles, the daily lives of many people are enveloped in clothing and fashion trends. Over the years, many clothing companies have established their...

The movie cover for Judas and the Black messiah.

The movie Judas and the Black Messiah is a revolutionary relation to power of history

March 2, 2021

Panthers, Police, and prejudice are the preeminent themes in the movie Judas and the Black Messiah. Taking place in the 1960s during the civil rights movement, this movie follows the whereabouts of...

This piece is titled Weep for the World.

The cadence of crying angels

February 23, 2021

My white linens are blustering in the breeze. They have just met foreign substances and places that have tainted their purity. They can maintain their cleanliness for long periods of time in the absence...

Through skill and artistry, freshman Bella Grounin sings her way to self-expression

Through skill and artistry, freshman Bella Grounin sings her way to self-expression

February 19, 2021

From Youtube videos to TikToks to writing her own songs, freshman Bella Grounin expresses herself through her singing endeavors. Ever since the petite age of three years old, Bella has taken a liking...

The album cover for Spilligion.

The album Spilligion is an insightful yet soulful telling of Black culture and oppression

February 16, 2021

With doses of soul, gospel, and hip-hop, the album Spilligion perfectly encapsulates the culture of Black people in the U.S. and problems relevant to our country.  This album was written and produced...

Just a butterfly on my hand last summer. We had a real connection.

I am no longer feeble

February 9, 2021

In a perpetual cycle of fixation, I feel like a lost interest, an extraneous pawn. My hope is disintegrating, and my ambiguity-tainted wingspan makes for a sedentary position in the deeply rooted works...

Liam Paynes online concert.

In-person concerts vs online concerts: student and teacher viewpoints

February 5, 2021

From screaming and dancing to blaring music in a packed venue to watching a live-streamed performance at home, sophomore Val Garza has found bliss in both in-person and online concerts, no matter the circumstance. “I...

A picture of Billie Eilish (left) and Rosalia (right) together in the making of their song.

Billie Eilish and Rosalia’s new song is a celestial interlude of heartbreak

February 2, 2021

Translating to “You Will Forget Me” in English, the song “Lo Vas A Olvidar” by Rosalia and Billie Eilish is a poignant yet peaceful harmony of voices, wrapped in emotional tearing. Ever since...

There are empty rooms, smoke signals, and blinking cursors

There are empty rooms, smoke signals, and blinking cursors

January 26, 2021

A sea of uninviting dark green cascades across miles and miles of barren land. But in those miles brimming with evergreen, a gap parts the pattern. A cottage of sorts resides in the gap and swells in comatose....

Madi (right) and her sister, Chloe (left) in France.

Sophomore Madi Zeien flourishes through her France Family visits every summer

January 22, 2021

Every summer for about seven weeks at a time, sophomore Madi Zeien visits her family in Strasbourg, France, near the German border. Because she and her family that lives there are so close, they never...

The official movie poster for Antebellum.

The movie Antebellum was a mind-twisting depiction of modern-day racism

January 19, 2021

With the unstable political climate emphasizing the insurrection of hatred, ignorance, and racism in America, I was not psychologically prepared for the unfortunate relation the movie Antebellum has to...

Jessie Warren (said best friend) and I at John Ball zoo one year. We clearly had impeccable fashion taste!

In the wild, spontaneous nature of the world, our friendship makes it bearable

January 12, 2021

In 2008 at four years of age, we met at a park, unaware of the years ahead of us. Through preschool, elementary school, middle school, and the final years of high school now, our long friendship has remained...

Follow reggie on Spotify and Instagram @reginaldhelmsjr

Reggie’s song “I Don’t Wanna Feel No More” moved me in significant ways

January 5, 2021

I’ll admit it. I’m not particularly fond of lo-fi, slower-paced songs. Of course, I have a few exceptions, but it is not the music genre that piques my interest or brings me the satisfactory rhythms...

Heres a picture of the ocean. Theres no meaning, just for the ~aesthetic~

My world in shambles, embellished in Lorde lyrics

December 17, 2020

Torrential rain pours on my scalp, saturating my dull strands of hair causing them to cling to my skin. My eyesight is blurred, and the only words I can spit from my lips are smithereens of hopelessness....

Evan Brown on the trampoline doing stunts with his friends.

The intensely uncommon talents of FHC

December 15, 2020

When it comes to ruthlessly flipping mid-air—propelled by a simple backyard trampoline— junior Evan Brown has it covered. Although this might just seem like a fun activity, it additionally serves as...

The official movie poster, which shows the protagonist, Hunter, holding a pin between her fingers.

The movie Swallow has a disturbing plot, but important message

December 10, 2020

A marble, a pin, and a battery are nothing short of familiar to Hunter’s diet, a housewife in the movie Swallow.  In late April of 2020, IFC Films—an indie movie company—released a movie titled...

Yes, I had an Elvis phase, and yes, I was a strange child

Yes, I had an Elvis phase, and yes, I was a strange child

December 3, 2020

It started in the booth of an Applebee’s restaurant on 28th street. On the wall above our table loomed a frame encapsulating the renowned, illustrious face of Elvis Presley. Five-year-old me peered up...

Keaton Michalski captures the beauty of nature through his camera and aquarium

Keaton Michalski captures the beauty of nature through his camera and aquarium

December 1, 2020

Self-proclaimed amateur photographer, freshman Keaton Michalski, captures the beauty of nature through his very own camera lens. It started when he was young, and in the early stages of his childhood,...

A letter to my friends I dont see much anymore

A letter to my friends I don’t see much anymore

November 18, 2020

I miss you. All of you. I used to see you nearly every day, or at least on a weekly basis. You made me laugh profusely, taught me new things, provided a shoulder to cry on, gave me advice, expanded...

Tarot cards, crystals, and spirituality have established a new spot in these students routines

Tarot cards, crystals, and spirituality have established a new spot in these students’ routines

November 17, 2020

During all of the madness currently sweeping through the world, it is immensely important to find tranquil and positive moments during the day.  Every person has their own hobbies and activities that...

The King of Staten Island has taken the lead in my top movies

The King of Staten Island has taken the lead in my top movies

November 12, 2020

I’m the kind of person who seeks humorous but deep meaning content, especially when it comes to movies. On one late Saturday night, I was searching through Netflix, Hulu, and the large expanse of streaming...

Not Cherry Street, but somewhat resembles the nature of the story.

The corner of Cherry Street

October 7, 2020

There is a minute, green dwelling on the corner of Cherry Street, surrounded by insignificant, seemingly grey boxes that extend down the paved path. At one glance, it is known to be that warm flicker of...

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