Tarot cards, crystals, and spirituality have established a new spot in these students’ routines


During all of the madness currently sweeping through the world, it is immensely important to find tranquil and positive moments during the day. 

Every person has their own hobbies and activities that boost their serotonin levels in one way or another, but some have found practices that delve deep into the universe and spiritual well being. 

One unique interest that has been taken up amongst a select group of students in FHC is tarot cards and readings. For those who don’t know, tarot is a deck of cards that include the use of imagery and symbols to express the universe’s karmic lessons and give people key insights on their life. They don’t predict the future, per se, but they act as a way to help people tap into their inner wisdom and subconscious mind to guide them through life’s obstacles.

Junior Emma Seastrom has taken up an interest in tarot this past summer and likes to give people readings of their own.

“I give people readings, and I think it’s really interesting to see what comes up,” Emma said. “Their reactions are always so cool. They’re like, ‘that’s so true!’”

To go along with the accuracy aspect of tarot, it is important to understand that it’s up to interpretation and to take what resonates within your own life.

“I think most of the time they’re really accurate,” Emma said. “But once I read the cards to people, it’s up to them how they interpret [the cards].”

Emma additionally emphasized that the universe plays an essential role in tarot, and overall determines what cards are pulled from the deck. 

In correspondence to the universe, junior Hannah Alm has immersed herself in the Buddhist lifestyle. Buddhism is a religion with no belief in a god or creator— it relies on the teachings and laws of the universe—and accentuates the importance of acceptance. Hannah had been struggling with her mental health beforehand, and she found that Buddhism has helped liberate her mind from the strain.

“I’ve just found Buddhism to be a really freeing experience, because it is all about acceptance,” Hannah said. “It has really helped me accept myself and accept others as they are.”

Hannah is also engrossed in Wicca—a modern-day, nature-based pagan religion—which facilitated her to engage in meditation and crystals.

“A lot of people are stuck on this level of caring about such worldly things. Such as their current, maybe toxic interpersonal relationships, their work life, or things that can be really stressful to them,” Hannah said. “But when you focus on your divine purpose, I heavily believe that meditation and crystals can help lead to a higher wavelength.”

Moreover, crystals are used for their healing properties as well as having the ability to eliminate stress. Crystals can act as a guide for meditation by locating them on certain body parts that coincide with their individual purposes. 

Sophomore Frankie Anderson has been introduced to crystals by her friends and even her family.

“My dad has always had crystals and stuff, so I’ve had them since I was little,” Frankie said. “Also, a bunch of my friends are interested [in it], and they kind of showed me [crystals].”

She also has incorporated the use of crystals and journaling—a form of meditation—into her routines as a way to cope with stress and to boost her moods.

“I enjoy how it makes me feel,” Frankie said. “ I feel calm and I’ll [journal] whenever I’m stressed out or anything.”

All of these spiritual practices collectively have brought more peace into these students’  lives. However, they had to do extensive research about these subject matters to fully discern the meaning and value of it all. 

“Read books instead of looking stuff up on the internet,” Emma said. “At Barnes and Noble, there’s an entire selection of books that have to do with tarot, crystals, and stuff.” 

Furthermore, Frankie’s advice is to look up what is beneficial for your own self and to do what is within interest. Hannah suggests following guided meditations, that can be found on Youtube.

When it comes to acquiring crystals, there are a variety of stores in the area such as Spirit Dreams in East Grand Rapids and Sleeping Tiger in Woodland Mall. Even the app Depop and Amazon carry them. There is usually a vast amount to choose from—including their specific and unique purposes—so finding one that is suitable for anyone’s individual standards will not be difficult. Additionally, the price varies depending on the size and the category the crystal falls under, but they are usually not too expensive.

One final component of tarot and crystals is to set the intention for what is wanted to be received and to trust that it will transpire. If doubt and disbelief flood the mind, there will be no way to open up to a set of new possibilities. To make it happen, believe, trust, and have an open heart and mind

Ultimately, all these practices are backed and guided by the universe, but what does that even mean? The universe entails such a greater meaning than what it is thought to be. It is not only just an expanse of stars, planets, and galaxies. Perhaps, it could be a state of being or a state of mind. 

Everyone has their own belief surrounding the divine purpose of life, whether it encompasses a religion or not. Not even the smartest of people can know what the universe intends, or how it operates. 

The main thing to take into account is that there is an unlimited amount of uncertainty about the abyss of the universe and that everyone’s individual beliefs and practices need to be respected for what they are. There is no one right or wrong way to go about it.  Some people choose to communicate with a higher power or even a spiritual plane. Some read sacred books and worship in a holy place, while for others, it is connecting with crystals and performing or participating in tarot readings.

Every living being on this planet is existing in an allotted amount of time available on Earth, meandering through the complexities of life. It is so crucial to make this exceptionally brief time frame into something exquisite and enjoyable.

“The universe is the epicenter of what we are trying to do here with the different impressions spirituality takes on,” Hannah said. “In Buddhism, a belief is held that you are every other person, every other person it’s you, and you’re just a reflection of each other. Your own personal experiences have been replicated in other people’s lives in a number of different ways. People believe that you have to go through a whole range of abuse and emotions to finally reach your part of the universe, which is the ultimate form of understanding,”