Continuance reopened the beauty of a sunny day



The album cover of Continuance showcasing hundreds of carbon-copy buildings and the artists’ names.

The sun has been out more lately—the skies have finally started to open on the grays, and I couldn’t be happier. As I’ve found myself basking in gratitude for this brighter world, the album Continuance by The Alchemist and Curren$y has held my hand through the parting of the clouds and the resurgence of the grass.

I’ve been a dedicated listener to the works of the record producer The Alchemist. I’ve grown familiar with his sounds and how he charges his projects with various artists, voices, beats, and rhythms, making each album a fingerprint of its own. All of his music blends into an ombre of various color palettes according to the overall vibe of the individual project—Continuance is the product of latte tans, soil browns, street grays, and early morning blues.

In its nonchalant manner, Continuance makes room for a low-key pace to start or end the day. Each song on this album works in unison to create a thoughtfully composed soundtrack, fitting for any time that calls for a cushioned background of jazz and R&B.

The first song, “Half Moon Mornings,” enters with an old-school beat and soft trilling piano keys. Curren$y joins in, laying down subtle verses to pair with the laid-back rhythms. The song finishes with piano once again, this time garnering more range and enthusiasm. Without pause or a stagnant second, “Reese’s Cup” joins the party with the same piano notes, ending as it began.

The piano eventually merges into the harmonious background vocals of “No Yeast.” Boldly James, featured in this song, starts the track with his deep voice, flowing into the first verse. As the music continues to trickle down the streets of melting snow, its warmth provides me with a sweatshirt-like comfort in the thawing world.

Though there is not a strong sense of differentiation between the songs, Continuance makes an offering of breezy rhythms to remind the monochrome world of the color that light can bring.

A few minutes deeper into Continuance starts the song “Corvette Rally Stripes.” With subtly shrill whines of violin and a groovy beat, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Havoc pick away at the verses and interludes. “Corvette Rally Stripes” makes driving with the windows rolled down seem possible again.

Right after the windows were cracked, a relaxed saxophone creeps in with the fresh air of “The Tonight Show.” To further the jazz-like effect, “Louis Baggage” pulls in a strumming bass guitar to back up Curren$y in his soothing raps. 

After Continuance seemingly takes the word “casual” and runs with it, “The Final Board” provides a counterargument to that theory. Entering with punctual piano and guitar, Curren$y offers a more prominent stance in his raps. The beginning of the track carries on with its strong intro, then reverses back to its chill theme. The soft-spoken saxophone and electric guitar mend together previous songs and boost the album with the smoldering caffeine of an espresso.

The exit of the Continuance takes on the title of “Kool & The Gang.” As it recounts themes spoken throughout the album, this track ends on an optimistic note; it has wisdom woven into the verses, catchy lyrics, and the same comfortable vibe portrayed in the album in its entirety. The song concludes with the words “it takes heart,” as the sun sets on the face of the urban jungle of Continuance.

Though there is not a strong sense of differentiation between the songs, Continuance makes an offering of breezy rhythms to remind the monochrome world of the color that light can bring. Listening to this album in whole makes menial tasks have a purpose; I’ve listened to Continuance in both the late morning and early evening and found that whatever my whereabouts are within that time frame can be a period of peace in their own subtle ways.

Sometimes, I get bored with the same artists and songs I’ve listened to for months; it’s difficult to stray away from this routine solely because it’s familiar and accessible. However, Continuance has lightened the load of monotony and has centered a ray of sun right onto my queue of songs for the awakening world around me.