Intro to Business Q&As: Vivian Wheland – Mr. Whiff

Product: Mr. Whiff

Instagram: @mr.whiffaf

Group Members: Vivian Wheland (leadership/management), Emma Geib (sales), Philip Murdock (finance), Jack Ward (marketing), and Colin Oderkirk (supply chain)

What purpose does your product/company serve and what problem is it looking to solve?

[Mr. Whiff creates] good-smelling cars and tries to get rid of odors. People can choose their scents and it is an air freshener.

Why did your group decide to go with this business idea?

We thought it was something that [we] could advertise to a lot of the school. Most people in the school like sophomores and upperclassman are drivers, so we thought it could be advertised to a big audience.

Why do you think your product will be appealing to the student body in general?

[Car fresheners] are very popular right now and like I said, lots of students are drivers.

How did you come up with the name?

We were just thinking of synonyms for smell, and then we thought that a little dog would be our logo and he is Mr. Whiff.

How can people hear about you and buy from you?

[People] can start buying once all of our stock comes in, but hopefully, we’ll be making announcements on FX and our Instagram when we will start selling.

What will you be doing with your profits? Is there an organization you plan to donate a percentage of your profits to?

[The organization] is called EndDD, like end distracted driving. Ten percent of our profit will go to EndDD for the safe driving organization.

Tell me a story from your experience working on this project.

One time we spent like an hour on FaceTime trying to figure out whose [credit] card we were going to buy everything on before we paid each other back. That was funny.

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