To the words, to the memories, to the people


Although I have only a small selection of photos from The Central Trend, these memories will forever live on in my mind.

I’m supposed to be the one with all of the words. 

I’m supposed to be the one who can conjure up paragraphs in a matter of minutes and create rhyming couplets in a passing thought. But suddenly, I find myself at a loss to describe what these words on The Central Trend have given me. 

I’ve only inhabited room 139/140 as a staff writer for two years, and yet, it feels like I’ve known the atmosphere inside those bluish-gray walls my entire life. In those years, I quickly fell into the cadence of hectic interviews, stress editing, and article rubrics. Every day, I looked forward to our recap meetings, story shoutouts, and bonding among journalists. I always had a purpose; whether it was writing my own stories, helping edit another, or simply being a listening ear for a friend, I felt helpful and valued. 

I remember my first story that was ever published—a board game review filled with my voice and passion. From there, the passion grew into editorials, columns, features, and profiles. I loved the ability to share my words and receive feedback from friends. Some stories only received a few views while others thrived in their popularity, but no matter the audience outcome, I became addicted to my role as a writer. 

Of course, I will miss the painted ceiling tiles, the detailed publishing calendar, the green and white plaid chair, and the very broken lamp beside it. However, room 139/140 could never be a home without the people who live within it.

In one corner, on the classic brown couch, sit the editors. To Allie and Sofia, The Central Trend could never be complete without your dedication and leadership. Even on the toughest days, you still manage to come up in front of the class and express your love for everyone around you. No matter the problem or debate, you persevere and listen to the wants of others. Thank you for always fighting for what matters and approaching the world with joy. 

Beside this couch sit two lovely ladies who could never be caught without a smile. To Annie and Erika, thank you for bringing your eager spirits to class and always having a story to share. In any stressful situation, you always seem to approach it with a calm and collected mindset. 

Working around the room, Millie can always be found as one of the most productive and hardworking people to ever walk in the door. Thank you for your talent and drive and for going above and beyond to complete any task. I appreciate all that you do to bend over backward and help others. 

Somehow, sharing one chair, Eva and Saniya are always open for conversation. Thank you for being some of the most entertaining people to talk to and becoming such wonderful friends. I will never grow tired of our conversations involving Odyssey of the Mind, embarrassing memories, and everything in between. You are wonderful people who never seem to run out of the talent that spills from your fingertips. 

On the other half of the room sit three freshmen that took the leap of joining The Central Trend in their first year of high school. To Addie, Ella, and Evelyn, thank you for contributing so much to the class and approaching everything with the best attitude. I hope to continue reading all of your stories far into the future as you seize every opportunity. 

At a close table sit two enthusiastic writers who let their personalities shine through in everything they do. To Mikayla and Tilley, thank you for bestowing your character onto every person you meet and always holding yourselves with admirable confidence. I’m always grateful for your steadfast kindness. 

Sitting close to the teacher’s desk is an inseparable pair. To Ellie and Alex, thank you for always listening and volunteering for any task at hand. You are both incredibly engaged in every conversation and always meet your errands around the school with enthusiasm and excitement. 

Clustered together at a welcoming table, one will find some of the most supportive young ladies imaginable. To Eva, Abby, and Alysse, thank you for bringing out the best in those around you and amazing the world with your techniques utilizing the power of words. You transitioned into your role as staff writers with such ease, and I will forever be impressed and grateful to you. To Arpita, as said in the past, thank you for being the best cheerleader. Every ounce of your being is covered in kindness; there are few people who have your level of care and compassion. You always know how to light up my days and make me feel important, so for you, I will always be grateful. To Addy, it’s nearly impossible to thank you for everything we’ve been through together. You are a wonderful podcast partner and a passionate speaker. Wherever you go, your future is bright and exciting; I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish. Based on previous experience, I’m convinced that no obstacle can stand in your way, and above all, you’re an amazing friend. 

Always with projects on their laps are two fashionistas who fear nothing that the world throws at them. To Gigi and Ellie, thank you for being the relatable people that have the confidence to say what everyone else was only thinking. You will create whatever you want out of your world, and I’m excited to see how you change the very ground we walk upon.

However, room 139/140 could never be a home without the people who live within it.

Almost always surrounded by friends from other classes is someone who works tirelessly to accomplish every task she volunteers for. To Katelynn, you are an inspiration and an icon. I’m so grateful for all the groups I get to be a part of with you and the love we share for writing. Our editing exchange has always been one of my favorite parts of this class, and you have given me more confidence in my abilities than I deserve. I will certainly miss your “trending” presentations, your artistic contributions, and just “you” as a whole. 

Next sits an individual who is effortlessly calm, collected, and talented in everything that she puts her mind to. To Payton, thank you for always listening and reminiscing about our embarrassing elementary selves. You bring grace and elegance to The Central Trend that you rarely get credit for, and every group you are a part of in the future is lucky to have you. 

Then, there is the master of Q&As herself. To Sydney, I have so much appreciation for our partnership working on The Map together. Your Indesign patience and talents were a lifesaver for me in the stressful final weeks of senior year. I will always love our twin bond and your passion for journalism outside of The Central Trend; I can’t wait to read all that you publish. 

Finally, always with a hectic schedule is the one who rarely sits down. To Mr. George, thank you for giving me the most enthusiastic welcome to journalism. It’s because of you that I know the correct usage of “every day,” know the difference between “effect” and “affect,” and love the emdash. Beyond all that, however, you have changed the way I view the world and left me with valuable advice for the chapters of my life still to come. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and mentor these past three years and for always encouraging others to stretch beyond their limits; I am forever grateful. 

At last, we come to these final words of farewell. I’ve often struggled with the length of conclusions and understanding how much prior information should be repeated, and it may be some time still before I truly figure out the perfect “conclusion” formula. 

In case it hasn’t been made clear, I have loved all my time spent with The Central Trend, and I can’t wait to see how it thrives in the years to come. I plan to continue bombarding the world with my words and the ideas that continue to overflow. For those who have followed along across the 106 stories I have published on this site, thank you for your support. After all, you are the reason I’m still here. 

Now, I have come to realize that I’ve been delaying this goodbye for far too long. Without further ado, farewell to my fellow writers, readers, and all of the thousands of words that I have poured onto this site.