Embracing the end


On the first day of preschool, she was ready to seize all that the world had to offer. With the end of her senior year, she looks back fondly at all the memories she’s been given.

There is a countdown delivering its wake-up call every morning. 

5 days until her last high school concert.

8 days until Prom.

10 days until the AP Calc exam.

12 days until her official last day of school.

19 days until graduation.

20 days until the start of a new chapter.

She was told that high school would fly by, and while she may not yet agree that it did, she can’t believe that these are the only days remaining. 

Her mind is swirling with an extensive range of emotions—trapped between sentimentality and solace as she walks along the road of “lasts.” The last sheet of AP Physics homework, the last time sight reading a band piece, the last AP Literature essay, and the last Odyssey of the Mind competition. 

It takes every part of her being not to simply rush through these final moments, reminding herself to continue collecting memories for safekeeping. 

She is overwhelmed with love and support from her friends and met with a sudden sadness as she considers a future without their daily presence. It’s difficult to comprehend the coming years away from the classrooms she found a home in and away from the friends that created her favorite high school memories. Their encounters may one day be considered “reunions” as they grow few and far between. 

The foundation that she has spent years building will crumble, and she’ll be left with only the memories to build a new one. 

Now more than ever, it’s a struggle to get out of bed and push through the school day when every academic task seems pointless. Nonetheless, she remembers to cherish every last lunchroom conversation, small victory, and smile across the classroom. 

Meanwhile, it’s a relief to hear that break is quickly approaching, and she’ll finally be able to breathe. Perhaps her books will at last be read, perhaps she will catch up on lost sleep, and perhaps she’ll have time to properly prepare for college. 

With a hopeful yet heavy heart, she waves goodbye to not only the people she’s leaving behind, but also the version of herself that will be forever changed once she takes her last steps as a high school student. 

And suddenly you know… it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

— Unknown


Taking these last steps before the ultimate graduation finale, she is certainly proud of the legacy she’s leaving behind. 

She no longer worries about cramming the rest of her words into the remaining stories on The Central Trend. Even though one chapter ends, she’ll still be able to flip the page and write the rest of her story. 

There is no clear outline or map; the blank pages before her tempt her with the ideas of fate and destiny. Her unorganized and chaotic flow may eventually carve its designated path once again. 

Even the overused metaphors of classic literature cannot properly convey the sheer darkness and brilliant light that combines at the precipice of the end and beginning. For these remaining days, these last steps, she will accept the complex limbo between excitement and nostalgia.