T & N Nails painted perfection in every aspect


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An image displaying the extensive nail polish selections from T & N Nails

Pink, pastel, and periwinkle pockets of color always add a special flair to the fingertips of my peers on prom night. I’ve never been one to frequently have my nails painted, but for the special occasion, I was eager to give my nails their time to shine. 

After an expensive trip to one nail salon, my imagined picture-perfect future was turning out to be a disaster. Without going in-depth, I will say that I was extremely disappointed that the nail polish had already partially smudged off before I had even left the building. 

I became desperate for a solution, but I doubted that I would be able to find a fix on the day of prom. The internet pointed me in the direction of T & N Nails, and I turned to the small shop with a fleeting hope. Even though I hadn’t made an appointment, the kind ladies inside led me to a seat the minute I walked in. The simple yet cozy atmosphere allowed relief to gloss over my worry.

In addition, I was comforted by the sight of my fellow classmate, junior Megan Fox, as she sat relaxed in the pedicure chair. I knew I had made the right decision, and Megan’s review confirmed my conjecture. 

“My experience has always been positive [at T & N Nails],” Megan said. “I enjoy how it is a quick experience. I was looking to go in and out, so this nail salon worked well for that.”

After this unexpected yet pleasant encounter, I was then presented with one of the largest color selections I had ever seen—ranging from highlighted hues to cobalt classics. Deciding in the moment, I chose a light and sparkly purple shade to match my perceived persona. 

I would recommend this salon to others. They are quick, and the workers are really sweet. Overall, I have always had a good experience for what I pay.”

— Megan Fox

Though I had only had a manicure one time before last weekend, T & N Nails gave me an astonishing sense of belonging. From the worker’s smiling eyes to the kind clientele, the spa enveloped me in the most welcoming atmosphere. 

I had spent less than half an hour in the building from the time I arrived to the time the shellac treatment was complete. After nearly every aspect hit perfection, I was ready for my wallet to take a hit as I received the total cost; but to my surprise, the price was extremely reasonable. 

Now as I type with these glistening purple nails, I am reminded of the incredible hospitality I was shown despite my abrupt entrance. The end result matched exactly what I had hoped for; T & N Nails proved that small businesses can often provide an even more valuable experience than big-name companies. 

For anyone hoping to add some sparkle or color to their appearance, I’d highly recommend this salon, for I know I will definitely go there again in the future.