Hannah Levering’s two greatest passions combine into a cinematic masterpiece


Hannah Levering

An image of junior Hannah Levering in her cheer uniform

While some may obsess over character development and plot structure details when watching a movie, junior Hannah Levering is entranced by the cinematography. 

“When I watch movies, I get really into it,” Hannah said. “While watching Harry Potter or something with my mom, I’m like, ‘look at that camera work they just did!’ and she’ll be like, ‘What? I just want to watch the movie.’ Or the transition they do from scene to scene, I [think] that’s incredible; I want to do that myself.”

Ever since dedicating herself to the art of filmmaking, Hannah has never been able to watch movies the same again. Her source of inspiration came from FHC’s media communications class. While being on air has its perks with FX, it’s what happens behind the scenes that’s the most enjoyable for her. 

Recording, editing, and uploading are tasks that many would find tedious over time; however, Hannah loves each step of the process equally and finds immense satisfaction in the final results. 

“In Media [Communication], I fell in love with editing and filming videos because we get a bunch of clips,” Hannah said. “They will all be really messed up, but in that editing program, you would get them all together nice and neat and create a really cool story.”

Although Hannah finds a welcome challenge in her AP classes, the Media Communications class plays the biggest role in advancing her skillset for a future career. Whether it’s movies or commercials, her dream job involves anything with videos. 

Like writing and pictures, one of Hannah’s favorite aspects of film is its ability to capture moments in time. She is able to utilize her talents to encapsulate a successful year for various sports.

“I like watching people’s reactions to the videos,” Hannah said. “They can look back on it and remember that really great season.”

So far, her favorite project has been an epic montage of the cheer team. Hannah had the opportunity to first show this video at the cheer banquet with her friends happily eating sweets around the cafeteria tables. With all the celebration, Hannah’s video was a culminating masterpiece. 

“[The most impactful video] was that one cheer video I made last year,” Hannah said. “We were at the banquet, and everyone was jaw-dropped. Not as in my editing skills, but what they saw [with] the memories that were there. They were really excited to see it come together and see our season.”

Hannah’s work becomes even more stimulating when the topic is something she’s passionate about; the video wouldn’t have been nearly as impactful if it weren’t for her commitment to cheerleading. After trying soccer, basketball, and dance, Hannah’s neighbor inspired her to join the cheer team.

I’m passionate about cheer because the people are incredible and just the sport itself. I’ve never really connected with a sport until I did cheer.

— Hannah Levering

From watching football games on the sidelines to winning cheer competitions over the past five years, this sport gives her the strongest sense of belonging. 

“I’m passionate about cheer because the people are incredible and just the sport itself,” Hannah said. “I’ve never really connected with a sport until I did cheer, and I love getting ready for the games and tumbling events.”

Hannah is able to flip through life with a collection of videos, and combining these two passions is what drives her toward success in nearly every other aspect of her life. Watching the final product come together is extremely rewarding for both cheer and film; however, the best part of cheerleading comes from the people by her side. 

Although Hannah loves the individuality that comes with editing her own videos, the community of cheerleading makes it the best experience. With the neighbor that inspired her to join cheer, fellow back-spots, and a close friend that has encouraged her to stick with cheerleading throughout high school, Hannah is grateful for the strong bonds and connections with her teammates. 

“At the beginning, we weren’t that close until we got to cheer camp,” Hannah said. “We spent every waking minute together for three days. We cried together, cheered together, and became really good friends. During practice, we joke around. We’re a team, but we’re also best friends.”