The witty banter in Emily Henry’s novel, Book Lovers, turns a simple romance into a page-turner that can’t be put down


As the title suggests, this novel is perfect for people who love both books and romance as the two combine in a beautiful and entertaining way.

Curled up with a book, a mug of coffee, and a cozy sweater, I fully embraced the reading aesthetic within the warmth of my home while a severe snowstorm swirled outside. 

With the past year of excitement and mayhem, I was relieved to have the opportunity to finally read, and immersing myself in the pages of Book Lovers by Emily Henry was the perfect use of time. Initially set in New York City, agent Nora Stephens introduces herself as the stereotypical career-obsessed girlfriend who always gets dumped at the end of hallmark romances. After a series of failed relationships, her sister convinces her to escape the everyday New York scene to temporarily explore the lifestyle of a small town in rural North Carolina.  

Not so coincidentally, the town is the same setting as a recent book she helped publish for her favorite client. Perhaps Nora will find her own romance with the local lumberjack, but at the very least, she’ll get to spend some quality time with her sister. 

I never found myself skimming through “fluff” chapters as every scene was either vital to the plot development or too entertaining to skip. That said, it was difficult to resist jumping to the dialogue between the two love interests as I couldn’t get enough of their witty exchanges full of clever comebacks and friendly flirtations. 

Sometimes even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you.

— Emily Henry, Book Lovers

The matched intelligence and passion between these characters allow their personalities to fit perfectly with one another, even if they initially avoid facing the truth. Although the past plays an influence on the decisions of the characters, they don’t allow prior trauma to push aside their goals and dreams. This aspect was a beautiful incorporation; while the events of the past were important, they didn’t infiltrate the future and become a focus. 

With a relatable personality for studious book lovers and a determined mindset, the first-person point of view was the best choice to tell Nora’s story, and the linear structure kept me intrigued to be welcomed by the surprises and coincidences that come together in Nora’s life. 

The irony of writing and publishing a book that revolves around writing and publishing wasn’t lost on me, and it’s a clever strategy for authors to insert their own experiences and make their stories as realistic as possible. 

As a brief side note about the author, I was very pleased after following Emily Henry’s Instagram account, finding that the humorous tone in her books reflects her personality. She also has a variety of book recommendations to uplift and support fellow authors which, once again, proves that her own personality was vital to create her beloved characters. 

My only complaint would be the slightly hypocritical and cliché ending, but nonetheless, it was a classic and clean finish for characters I quickly fell in love with. I won’t go into more detail as for the book lovers who aren’t like Nora Stephens and always read the last pages of a book first. 

Overall, I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to lose themselves in a heartwarming and witty romance. I was once told to “divorce” a book if I wasn’t hooked within the first few chapters, but Book Lovers was a lighthearted read that I couldn’t put down.