The Senior Dinner Dance was a fulfilling activity enjoyed by the masses


Lauren Brace

Some seniors at the Senior Dinner Dance

Think of the most embarrassing moment that happened to you. Did it involve your mom showing baby pictures to the whole senior class? 

 Well, this occurred at this year’s Senior Dinner Dance. Instead of being brutally humiliated, seniors Lucas Thompson and Lara Butlevics believe this to be one of the preeminent aspects of the three-hour excursion. 

The parents who put on the dance put together a slideshow that showcased childhood photos of the senior class of 2023. This is a situation most yearn to avoid when bringing home friends or a significant other, but in front of the 100-some classmates, it becomes a hilarious bonding moment. 

The dance varies from every other dance that occurs this year: it is not organized or chaperoned by the school and only seniors are allowed in attendance. 

It definitely helped [not having dates] because it kind of unified the class a lot better. Rather than these two people together you sat at a table with a big group. And it’s just a reflection of the class as a whole rather than a couple or group.”

— Lucas Thompson

“The dance stood out because it was just a chance for the senior class to be on their own and socialize with each other and reflect back on memories we’ve had in our past 12 years together,” Lucas said. “Especially with the baby pictures added in their presentation they have. That was a good experience because everybody got equally embarrassed.”

Another distinct part of this dance is the fact that there are no dates. The senior class is one big group. 

This unifies the senior class. It gives them a chance to live out the “everyone is friends with everyone” dream that society holds. This was another aspect that Lucas appreciated. 

 “[Not having dates] definitely helped,” Lucas said, “because it kind of unified the class a lot better. Rather than two people [being] together, you sat at a table with a big group. And it’s just a reflection of the class as a whole rather than a couple or group.” 

While Lucas thoroughly enjoyed every part of the dance, the top-notch food takes first place as the best part of the night. 

“For me, the best part definitely had to be the food,” Lucas said. “They had a buffet with pasta, they had a bunch of breadsticks, and it was coming out very quickly. The restocking was very quick, so they did really do a nice job of that. That was definitely one of the better parts [of the dance] as usual. Besides the food, I definitely have to say that just being around classmates and dressing up is just a nice [way to spend the night].” 

Fellow senior Caroline Stevens had been looking forward to this exclusive dance. In the end, she fell ill and was unable to attend. 

 “I was sad [I could not go],” Caroline said. “I heard it was pretty fun and good music too, which is shocking. So I missed out on that. [I wanted to go because] I’m trying to get more into different activities and stuff [for my] last [year in high school].”

Lara, on the other hand, was blessed with the opportunity to engage in this last year’s hurrah activity. 

For Lara, the dance was a chance to unwind and let out a breath college preparation had held over the senior class. Dancing, laughing at baby pictures, and simply talking was a refreshing break. 

 “[The dance] was really fun,” Lara said. “I really enjoyed seeing my entire grade get together and kind of unite. You don’t really get that much throughout the year, especially right now with all the college essays and applications. So it’s really nice to see [my classmates] in a free environment. I really enjoyed dancing with them and talking with them. Oh, and the baby pictures [were] so fun. I just feel like it was so cool to see how everyone had grown up. It was three hours but did not feel long at all.” 

Lara, like Lucas, enjoyed the cut ties with the school the Senior Dinner Dance brings. Both seniors believe this dance’s DJ to be superior to other dances—another similarity in their opinions. It is clear the parents did a spectacular job putting together this activity. 

“Oh, it was so much better [than other dances]” Lara said. “The DJ actually listened to us and we could hear the songs that were being played, and it just felt right, that [this dance] was ours. It was an actual thing that was meant for us, and we just felt like we were actually heard by everyone who held it. So that was really nice.” 

Whether in attendance or not, seniors reap the joy of this special dance. It is a chance for the class to bond and dress up. The seniors were eating, dancing, socializing, and learning new things together. It was a truly unique experience no one should miss out on. 

“I know a lot of people in my grade [did not attend the dance],” Lara said. “And I just felt like it was kind of sad because you’re missing out on a final year thing, and you don’t get anything again that is like that. It’s not like a normal school dance. You actually get to talk to your class and just your class, and you got to really bond with your class. You just get to have fun and let loose. It’s not a normal dance where you stay for 30 minutes and then leave. It was something that you got to spend a lot of time doing and you actually learn more about your classmates.”