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High School Musical Jr. Q&As: Ben Lowen

Name: Ben Lowen

Grade: 12

Position: Ryan Evans

What’s your pre-show warm-up routine?

“Before a show or a shoot, I usually drink tea and meditate to calm myself and help get myself into character.”

Why did you decide to try out for the musical?

“I decided to first try out for shows because I had always wanted to act and be a part of theatre communities, and that’s continued into auditioning for this show.”

What’s your favorite song/dance routine in the musical?

“My favorite song, as well as dance, has to be ‘Bop to the Top,’ a duet between Sharpay—played by [senior] Emily Johnson—and I.”

What’s your favorite High School Musical movie and why?

“Definitely High School Musical 2; it’s got the best songs, the best cast, and is overall the most fun!”

Have you made any memorable mistakes while on stage?

“While on stage, I’ve accidentally broken props or messed up costumes. Usually, it’s pretty easy to hide, but sometimes you just have to improvise and push through.”

What’s your opinion on the Olivia Rodrigo-Joshua Bassett-Sabrina Carpenter love triangle?

“I think it has to be the literal most boring, bland drama I’ve ever heard. None of them even seem that into putting up the facade that it’s just for advertising; maybe if they at least made it interesting or believable I’d care.”

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