Senior prom court nominee Lillian VanSkiver

Prom Court Q&As: Lillian VanSkiver

What’s one word to describe how you feel about being on prom court? 

 “It would probably be grateful.”

Why do you think you were nominated? 

 “[It’s] maybe because I’m involved in things around school, like sports and stuff, and I like to reach out and be friends with everyone.”

What is your opinion towards the alteration of senior prom this year?

“I’m just really happy we [are] getting to do anything at all. I think we all will definitely make the most out of it.”

How severe is your senioritis?

 “[Since] after spring break, it has definitely been a lot worse, but I’m just trying to get through these last few weeks.”

What is one song, in particular, you hope the DJ will play at the dance? 

“I hope the DJ will play ‘The Cupid Shuffle’ because it’s so fun when everyone dances together.”

Is there anyone who isn’t nominated for court who you believe should be recognized?

“I think that [seniors] Ellie Field or Lily Schuurman would have been great choices because they are both amazing people, inside and out.”

What was the highlight of your senior year?

 “Probably being able to have my senior soccer season. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I love our team so much.”

What will you miss most from your time here at FHC?

“All of the great friendships I’ve made, all of the new people I got to meet, and the amazing teachers at FHC.”

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