Senior prom court nominee Molly Vonk

Prom Court Q&As: Molly Vonk

What’s one word to describe how you feel about being on prom court? 

“Awestruck. I was truly not expecting it, and it is such an honor to be on court knowing that so many of my friends and classmates voted for me. The gratitude is truly indescribable.”

Why do you think you were nominated? 

“I really have no clue why. Maybe with dance team throughout the last four years and musical just recently. By participating in all areas of extracurriculars, I have gotten to know and love so many different groups of amazing people.”

What is your opinion towards the alteration of senior prom this year?

“I am just glad that we are finding a way to make prom happen no matter how it happens. It’s definitely been difficult to make the most out of this year, but I really think we are truly doing the best we can. I’m really excited to be able to do prom with my friends.”

How severe is your senioritis?

“Extreme. I usually procrastinate, so that’s nothing new, but right now, it is hard to even do the smallest things. I used to not believe in senioritis, but holy cow—it’s real.”

What is one song, in particular, you hope the DJ will play at the dance? 

“Definitely “Levitating” by Dua Lipa. It’s about to be the song of the summer, so there’s no better time than now to prepare.”

Is there anyone who isn’t nominated for court who you believe should be recognized?

“I think [senior] Julia Kirkman should have been nominated. Being a co-captain with her [for the dance team] has been such a good experience—she’s so beautiful, inside and out. She has really been there for me this year, and I am so grateful.”

What was the highlight of your senior year?

“The highlight of my senior year has probably been musical. It is something I wish I became a part of sooner, but there’s no going back so I can only make the most of [it] right now. But the friends I made during that experience will definitely stay with me for a long time. Also, being able to be a part of such a production is a feeling like no other. Finally seeing the end product after so much hard work gives [me] immense pride, honor, and love.”

What will you miss most from your time here at FHC?

“I will miss the people: teachers, friends, [and] family. There has been such a sense of community that grows as each year goes by, which is hard to leave after so long. Especially all of the juniors I am friends with—each hold a very special place in my heart, and I will never forget that.”

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