Film Festival Q&As: Delilah

Film title: Delilah 

Genre: Comedy 

Interviewee: Jack McNamara

Group members: Sam Musgraves and Jonah Spates

Can you give a five-minute elevator pitch for your film? 

Do you like to laugh? Well, who doesn’t, right? But do you also like a mystery that takes twists and turns? Well, come out and see Delilah. You will laugh, maybe cry, but in the end, you will be fulfilled.” 

What inspired you to get into filmmaking? 

Well, I took Media Comm freshman year and loved it. I liked [the teacher] Mr. Manders, and it just grew from there. I like to put a story together in a fun medium.” 

What were your inspirations for the film? 

Our film was inspired by Weekend at Bernie’s. [It’s a] great movie, and you can see the influence all throughout ours.” 

How would you describe your film in one word? 


What is the best part about the Film Fest project?  

Being able to create a story from three different brains and just feeding off one another.”

What is one major lesson you’ve learned from this project? 

I have learned how to be flexible. I have never done a group project that takes four months, so this was a very new and different experience. Flexibility came into play big time, especially with scheduling filming days. [We] had to juggle many people’s schedules.” 

Can you give me the rundown of what it took to make this film? 

We had to start with a screenplay, which consists of writing down each scene line by line, shot by shot. Next, we drew it out with a storyboard. Then we started filming. It was very fun but stressful to meet deadlines.”

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