Senior Rachel Schenck

Top Students 2021 Q&As: Rachel Schenck

Name: Rachel Schenck

What is your favorite subject? 

“My favorite subject would have to be Math. I love how there’s only one answer, and it can be proved, not taken and twisted in a million different ways. It just makes sense and is all connected. [It builds] to more and more complex equations and problems.”

Where are you going to college? 

“I plan on going to Michigan State University.”

What is your intended college major?

“[I’m] majoring in Material Science and Engineering.”

Who is your favorite teacher? 

“I couldn’t possibly choose just one favorite teacher as so many of them have proved to be integral to my success and learning. Mr. George had a creative way of teaching [English] and is always engaging. Mr. Von Ehr cemented my love for Chemistry with fun experiments and anecdotes. Mr. [Brad] Anderson is a fantastic coach and teacher from whom I learned a lot. Mr. Smith taught three classes that I took in Math and Computer Science that I enjoyed. Mrs. Richardson is super friendly. And Mrs. Penninga cares about all her students.”

What is your least favorite subject?

“I enjoyed all of my class and didn’t really have a least favorite class.”

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