Student Council Q&As: Lucy Wu

Name: Lucy Wu

Class: 2024

1.What position are you running for?

“I’m running for the position of class President.”

2. Why did you decide to run?

“I decided to run because I wanted to give back to this amazing community. Prior to moving here, I was so anxious about being bullied or shunned. Once the school year began, I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about. So many people went out of their way to get to know me, and I have felt such gratitude ever since.”

3.What are the main promises of your campaign?

“I don’t particularly like to make promises because words could potentially leave permanent footsteps that I cannot fulfill. That means that any promise I make, I know I have to keep. With that being said, I promise to always incorporate all of the class of 2024’s thoughts into our decisions. This way, people will see their desires reflected in our special events and start to willingly participate. Another promise that is crucial to me is to stay organized and approach everything with a positive attitude. One of the most important aspects of high school is the class-bonding experiences. Without a smile and a trusty planner, it’s impossible to make our sophomore year memorable.”

4.What are a few things you’ve learned from this experience?

“Since turning in that Google Form and serving as a trustee during the 2020-2021 school year, I have learned that backup plans are extremely important. There were multiple times where a carefully planned event was thrown off by a surge of COVID-19 cases. I learned to always plan ahead and be ready to adapt.”

5.What are you most excited to be a part of organizing?

“I am most excited to organize Homecoming. The class of 2024 has never experienced a school dance before, so hopefully, I will learn a vast amount about organizing such a large event.”

6.Why should your class vote for you?

“My class should vote for me because I am reliable and hardworking. Ever since a young age, I have learned that life never gives you anything for free. If you want something, you have to earn it through honest work. When I set goals for myself, I never rest until I have reached and surpassed them.”



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