Allie Beaumont

Student Council Q&As: Allie Beaumont

Name: Allie Beaumont

Class: 2023

1. What position are you running for?

“I am running for the position of Secretary.”

2. Why did you decide to run?

“Last year, I made the conscious decision to get more involved in school activities, so a major part of that was being the position of Secretary. This year, I decided to continue on with this because I enjoyed it so much. However, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have the full experience, so I decided to run again this year so I can ensure our entire class has the best junior year possible and can make up for all the stuff we missed this year.”

3. What are the main promises of your campaign?

“I would say one of the big things I plan on helping with this coming school year is participation with things such as football game themes, spirit weeks, and lip-syncs. I plan on doing this by effectively using our class Instagram account which I am currently in charge of to post information as soon as possible.”

4. What are a few things you’ve learned from this experience?

“I have learned a lot about the behind the scene things that past Student Council has done in order to help our class thrive and that I will continue to do if elected. People don’t always think about all the effort that is put into some of the simple things we do such as picking spirit days, but in reality, we sometimes have hour-long Zoom calls deciding each and every detail to ensure it is amazing for all the classes.”

5. What are you most excited to be a part of organizing?

“Since we weren’t able to do the Homecoming parade this year, I am most excited about putting together an amazing float and doing all the assemblies and other things that go along with Homecoming week.”

6. Why should your class vote for you?

“My class should vote for me because I was very dedicated this year, and that is something I will, of course, continue to do next school year, and I truly care about the wellbeing of our class. All I want is for us to have an amazing year full of fun experiences that we’re all gonna remember even when we’re older, and I just know I can help make that happen.”

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