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Student Council Q&As: Christopher Shang

Name: Christopher Shang

Class: 2023

1. What position are you running for?

“I am running for Vice President.”

2. Why did you decide to run?

“I decided to run because I think that although we did a good job last year keeping it together, I have some regrets about the things we missed out on this year. I am running again because hopefully, next year will return to normal and things like Homecoming and Winterfest can have huge assemblies and challenges that we didn’t get the chance to do. I really enjoy working together with my peers; whether it is decorating the floats or raising money for Family Promise, accomplishing things together as a class is what really motivates me to run.”

3. What are the main promises of your campaign?

“The main promises of my campaign are that I will try my hardest to make every event as enjoyable as possible, and to increase the connection between Student Council and the general student body. I think that incorporating more general students into the brainstorming for events will make them more enjoyable for everybody.”

4. What are a few things you’ve learned from this experience?

“One main thing that I have learned from serving in Student Council is how stressful events are to plan and carry out. However, this also comes with the euphoric sense of pride that comes when our plans are successful and people enjoy the events. Problem solving and creativity are also two skills that I have learned the importance of through Student Council, as many unexpected issues always happen to arise that need quick solutions.”

5. What are you most excited to be a part of organizing?

“I am most excited about organizing the snow sculptures for Winterfest. We had a lot of success with it this year, and if weather conditions allow for it again, I think that we can make it even bigger and better.”

6. Why should your class vote for you?

“This year, I am running unopposed, so it has already been decided that I will be Vice President. With this responsibility, I will try my hardest to keep to my promises and make next year extraordinary.”

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