Student Council Q&As: Ayla Ahmetovic

Name: Ayla Ahmetovic

Class: 2024

1.What position are you running for?

“I am running for Vice President.”

2.Why did you decide to run?

“I decided to run because I want to make the best out of this coming year and make it the most enjoyable to make up for the past two years that have been rough.”

3.What are the main promises of your campaign?

“I will bring the class of 2024 closer together than ever before and make positive changes to the school year. I’ll help make the communication more clear between the Student Council committee and the rest of the student body.” 

4.What are a few things you’ve learned from this experience?

“Being on Student Council this year, I have learned that cooperation and communication are key to having a successful group.”

5.What are you most excited to be a part of organizing?

“I’m definitely most excited to organize things relating to Hoco, Winterfest, and all other school celebrations. Last year, on Student Council, I worked with many of my peers to plan out many successful ideas and events.” 

6.Why should your class vote for you?

“The class of 2024 should most definitely vote for me as their Vice President because I have experience. I served on Student Council last year and I know what needs to be done. There are unfinished projects from this [year] that we were not able to carry out due to COVID-19 and the consistency of the members is ideal for succession.”







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