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Student Council Q&As: Crandall Quinn

Name: Crandall Quinn

Class: 2023

1. What position are you running for? 


2. Why did you decide to run?

“I decided to run this year because I want to make our high school experience the best it can be. In terms of participation, ceremonies, and dances, I want to experience it all and [to] the highest level with my class.”

3. What are the main promises of your campaign?

“I promise to get your ideas across to the Student Council, I believe that is the best way to have class participation if the students decide on what they want to do.”

4. What are a few things you’ve learned from this experience?

“That nothing is guaranteed. No matter what happens, something unexpected is going to happen, whether it is something little or as big as a whole year. Nothing is ever going to be set in stone. So whatever causes us to have the best experience throughout [the] next year, I will help ensure it happens because we deserve a great year.”

5. What are you most excited to be a part of organizing?

“Personally, I have always been a huge fan of the school ceremonies. I loved playing tug-of-war and can’t wait to design some fun games this year.”

6. Why should your class vote for you?

“Vote for me because I know I can get things done. I had last year, so I’m experienced, [and] we can have a great year in the future.”

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