Maru Sushi Review

One happy customer writes on her experience at Cherry Street's very best sushi spot

June 3, 2015

Among the greats, the small installment on Cherry Street does not seem to have much to talk about. From the streets, all that can be seen of Maru Sushi is tinted windows and dimmed lighting and its sign, almost invisible in the night. Green Well and The Grove are the topic of conversation with the residents of East, but not many can say they have discovered the gem that is Maru Sushi. Initially, I came upon Maru by chance with a wicked hankering for Japanese cuisine. Ever since, I’m proud to say that I’ve been an avid customer and have a new favorite restaurant that I will not keep quiet about. But I’m not just referring to one specific meal, I’ve ordered a diverse number of meals and have been beyond satisfied. The most impressive by far has been the Rio Grande, a vegetarian specialty roll thats sides include the tangy taste of an avocado and jalapeño topping and that of a fresher one similar to pico de gallo.


The minimalist decor that gives off the impression of luxurious yet understated is inviting for all those that enter. The music adds to the ambiance, the “indie chill” vibe being delightful background music to any conversation. Maru’s gregarious staff is diligent to cater to your needs and is fastidious in doing so. Immediately upon entering, the chefs behind the counter chatter and joke amongst themselves as they work. I somehow take comfort in knowing the place I’m at does not mistreat their staff and that the staff is happy with where they work, so given what I’ve seen of the staff, I can appreciate how much they seem to enjoy working there.


Pricing of their meals may seem a little steep to some, but their average roll size is typically two times that of most other sushi places, so in comparison there is really only a couple dollars extra for the quality. They are cleaning all of the time it is astonishing, as I’ve never seen a dirty table that hasn’t been cleaned immediately. It isn’t just their tables that are clean, though, their floors and bathrooms are all absolutely spotless.


If you’re interested in visiting Maru to grab a bite of sushi, I encourage you wholeheartedly. From families to young adults to couples on romantic dates, Maru seems to be a hotspot for all ages. Come visit this gem for a cool and unique place to enjoy some spectacular food!

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