Improv Team Q&As: Gavin O’Meara

What made you decide to join Improv?

“My freshman year, Mrs. [Robin] Demeester saw me walking in the hallways the day of auditions and told me to come back after school, so I said okay, and I auditioned. The rest is history!”

What is your favorite Improv memory? 

“My favorite Improv memory was taking the team to Chicago this year and just hanging out with eight new best friends at the end of each night.”

Why should FHC students join Improv next year?

“You should join Improv next year because I can guarantee that this will build skills and friendships [that] you will remember for the rest of your life.”

What is the most entertaining Improv game, and why?

“My favorite game to play is “The Armando,” which is the long-form Improv game we will end the show with. In this game, we get a suggestion, and one improviser gives a monologue. After that, we spend 15 minutes exploring the contents of that monologue.”

Who do you think is the funniest person during Improv this year?

“My favorite person to watch improvise is [senior] Zach [Guikema]. He has such a crazy and fun sense of humor, and it is so fun to watch.”

If you had to eat at any restaurant every single day what would it be?

“I would eat at Applebee’s because the food is pretty good, and there are so many different kinds of food there, so I could eat something different [for] every meal.”

What’s a song that reminds you of your Improv experience?

“A song that reminds me of Improv is “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars because it reminds me of the beginning of every practice when my team and I all [have] each other’s backs.”

Why should people come watch the show?

“People should come to watch the show because this is going to be the most fun show you’ll be able to see this year!”

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