Improv Team Q&As: Logan Verlinde

What made you decide to join Improv?

“I joined the Improv team because I saw the show last year, and it looked like a lot of fun. Also, [senior] Benji Zorn reached out to me and told me that he thought I would be pretty good at it.”

What is your favorite Improv memory? 

“My favorite Improv is from our Chicago trip. When we got to our hotel, the guys went to the guys’ room to put our bags in there. We opened the door and were greeted by a terrible smell. I would describe it as a mix between human waste and mold. We thought that every room smelled like this and that our hotel just wasn’t very good; we were wrong. The girls’ room smelled perfectly fine as well as the other rooms. We asked our chaperones if we could go get some air freshener or something, but we were denied. We then just had to toughen out the rest of the trip.”

Why should FHC students join Improv next year?

“Students should join Improv because its a fantastic way to make friends, and it helps you become more outgoing.”

What is the most entertaining Improv game, and why?

“The most interesting Improv game is called “Armando.” It is a long-form improv game in which someone makes a speech-based on a suggestion, and the rest of the Improv members form scenes based on that speech. This can create some very interesting story lines.”

Who do you think is the funniest person during Improv this year?

“I think the funniest person on Improv is [senior] Zach Guikema. He brings a fantastic personality to the stage.”

If you had to eat at any restaurant every single day, what would it be?

“I would eat at Little Bangkok because I could never get sick of Thai food.”

What’s a song that reminds you of your Improv experience?

“The song ‘Night Moves’ by Bob Seger reminds me of Improv because Zach would play it all the time before practice.”

Why should people come watch the show?

“People should come to Improv this year because it will make them laugh. They will see some people that they know come together and form scenes out of nothing. It may also inspire them to become more creative or even to try Improv in the future.”

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