Pom Clinic Q&As: Emily Smith

Name: Emily Smith

Grade: 12th

1. How long have you been a member of the dance team?

“I’ve been on the team for three years.”

2. What do you gain from the experience of teaching younger dancers?

“I gain the experience of not only being able to memorize routines personally, but to be able to teach routines choreographed by [the team] to younger kids.”

3. Why should kids sign up for the Pom Clinic?

“Kids should sign up for the Pom Clinic even if they have never danced before because it is an overall fun experience, and we help other kids branch out to trying new sports.”

4. What is the purpose of the Pom Clinic?

“The Pom Clinic is for grades K-6, and it is for us, as competitive dancers, to give the younger kids a feel for what we do on a daily basis and what actually goes into a dance team.”

5. As a K-6th grader, did you ever do the Pom Clinic? 

“I did Pom Clinic for four years.”

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