Coach Jazzae Ford

Pom Clinic Q&As: Jazzae Ford

Name: Jazzae Ford

Occupation: Co-coach

1.  How long have you been a part of this clinic?

“Since last years couldn’t happen [due to COVID-19], this will be [co-coach Crystal Delgodo and I’s] second clinic.”

2. Why is it important for dances to sign up for the clinic?

“It introduces our future Rangers to what the dance team is all about. They are able to see our current dance team in action, and it sparks interest in dancers who may have not even known dance team exists. The more attendees, the more fun it is for everyone.”

3. How does this clinic benefit the Varsity Team?

“The benefit is [for] bi-yearly Dance Team Nationals in Orlando, Florida. It supports our team by helping us with funds to travel.”

4. What is the ultimate goal of this event?

“The ultimate goal of this clinic is to bring the FHC community together, teach young dancers what the dance team consists of, and raise money for the FHCVDT to represent FHC at the National level.”

5. As a coach, what do you gain from this experience?

“It allows us to meet future Dance Team members and watch our dancers lead young dancers for the day.”


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