Intro to Business Q&As: Hunter Robinson – Class Threads

Product: Class Threads

Instagram: @FHClass_threads

Group Members: Hunter Robinson (manager), John Horky (finance manager), Madison Sizemore (sales department), and Carson Miller (supply help), Lagago Molestane (supply chain), Jacob Terpstra (marketer)

What purpose does your product/company serve and what problem is it looking to solve? 

“Our product is all about class unity and bringing the school and all the classes together.”

Why did your group decide to go with this business idea?

“We felt that something based around the school and class pride would sell well at our school, and people would really buy into that idea.”

Why do you think your product will be appealing to the student body in general?

“We feel like a lot of people at this school are really proud of their class and coming together. Shirts like thateven the class shirt we have[are things] people really enjoy.”

How did you come up with the name?

“We were just hoping to come up with something to help buyers know that it was differentiated by class because ‘class’ is included [in the name], and then ‘threads’ is just a catchier word for clothing.”

How can people hear about you and buy from you?

“We have an Instagram, and then we are starting our marketing process right now. We are going to have a few flyers around the school and hopefully get something on FX, but we’re just trying to spread the word by having each person in our group market it as much as possible through social media.”

What will you be doing with your profits? Is there an organization you plan to donate a percentage of your profits to?

“Ten percent of all of our profits go to the social studies department at our school; teachers like Ms. Styles, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Labenz, and Mr. Anderson are all some of the teachers that will be benefitting from our profits.”

Tell me a story from your experience working on this project. 

“Starting a business has a lot that goes into it that you don’t really think about. This class is one of my electives, and it’s been more work than any other class so far, and one thing that caught me by surprise was how much that goes into it and how much work it is.”

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