Allie Beaumont

Val Garza tells scary story for spooky humans of FHC

Spooky Humans: Valerie Garza

“It was about a year ago when my family went on a trip to New Mexico. It was a family outing; we went to this really big church that a lot of people visit. We were sitting there, and these murals that looked like they were painted-on-fabric were above us, and it was very still with no windows and no wind, and we were sitting there, and I made a joke about how this place is haunted, but it did actually feel very eerie. Then when we were sitting there, I started cryingnot really sure why, but I felt like something was standing by me, and then the murals on fabric started waving around, and my family says that it was just wind—and maybe it was, but maybe it was some spirit or a ghost. The scariest part was definitely that I started crying for no real reason.”



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