Play Q&As: Ella Fauson

Name: Ella Fauson

Grade: 12th

1. What role do you play? 

“Mrs. Alexander: lady in the street.”

2. Why did you decide to try out for the play? 

“I usually only do the musical, but since it’s senior year, I thought it would also be fun to do the play so I could do as much theatre as possible before I leave high school.”

3. What do you have in common with your character? 

“Since my character is in her 70s, I don’t have much to relate to, but she seems to like cookies, which is something I like.”

4. What kind of show should FHC be expecting? 

“It is a drama/mystery, so I think people should expect a lot of serious scenes compared to last year’s comedy.”

5. Do you have a favorite memory from your time in the play? 

“Honestly, any time [senior] Russell [Baird] starts randomly dancing backstage before he goes on.”

6. What are you most excited about? 

“I’m excited to do a performance in the CHS auditorium instead of at the FAC; it’ll be nice to do one in the high school.”

7. How do you get into character before performing? 

“Whispering really awful British accents to myself.”

8. If you were a Shakespeare play, which would you be and why?

Macbeth. Not because of the actual play, but because you aren’t supposed to say ‘Macbeth’ in your performing space, and I always feel like I’m saying the line I’m not supposed to say.”

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