TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Lucas Thompson

Charlotte Stephan – for being more than a shoulder to lean on 

Thank you for everything you do. Ever since kindergarten, I’ve known that your kindness would carry on and that you would do great things. You help me at my darkest times and make my days full of glee. You’ve heard this from me multiple times, but I still live by it: you deserve the world and more; I hope you never forget that. Thank you for being you, and please never change. 

Trent Renner – for being a brother

Since fifth grade, you’ve been changing my life. We never sit down and talk about how close we are and just how much we depend on each other, but you’re my brother. I would do anything for you, and I know you would do the same for me. For all I have been through, I always know you’re the one person I won’t lose. Thank you for being my co-pilot.

Ted Weaver – for being constant positivity 

You, Trent, and I have stuck together for almost seven years now, and nothing has changed. Even your temporary move to Nebraska did not stop us from staying close. Nobody makes me laugh like you, and that’s what I need. Nothing is better than screwing around at work and making our managers mad. Thank you for everything. 

Katelynn Heilman – for making TCT pleasant to ease into

I was worried about being one of the few guys on this staff, but this shift in the environment was incredible, thanks to you. I enjoy coming in and asking you about your day, and the response could be different every time. A new story could spiel out of your mouth every time, and it makes this class that much more enjoyable. Thank you for showing me how to have fun. 

Logan Thompson – for being the guide I never thought I needed 

High school was a difficult shift, but with you being a senior at the time, it was nice to see you as a mentor. While you are my brother, you are also a best friend to me. From training me at work to showing me the ins and outs of life, you don’t get the credit you deserve. I appreciate you, even though I never show it. 

TCT Staff – for being so welcoming

Thank you to the entire staff for being so welcoming and warm with my first year on staff. I have developed a love for writing a lot more. You all are great people, and I am excited for next semester and next year. Thank you for the best sixth hour. 

Culver’s Crew – for being a second family 

I never thought a job would bring me people that I grew to enjoy seeing so much. Sometimes, customers might be a pain, but nothing is more enjoyable than talking about it to you guys. The managers, and even my trainees, teach me something new every day, and I genuinely enjoy my job, thanks to you guys. Keep working hard. 

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