TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Madi Evans

To Natalie Hedger – My Rock

It puts a smile on my face to imagine the first time we met in kindergarten. No, we didn’t have a love at first sight relationship, but the complete opposite. My hatred for you was incomparable until last year when I discovered all those years of envy over you were a blessing in disguise. Thank you for being my ride or die, my rock, and the absolute light of my life. There is no other human on this planet I would wish to tolerate me. You have always stuck with me through thick and thin, and I wouldn’t give up our lunch dates, summer pool days, and gossip sessions for anything in the universe.

To Lotta Petersen – My German Soulmate

The first time I met you I knew we were going to be best friends, although you definitely seemed more hesitant. But as this year has progressed, and I have only been with you for a few short months, you have made an immense impact on me that will last a lifetime. Though I could fill this ‘thank you’ with countless inside jokes and remarks about how jealous I am that you don’t have to pay $125 every three months for your gorgeous blonde hair as I do, and how you still call cotton candy, candy cotton, I love you like a sister. I am so lucky to have you in my life and am so glad your agency happened to place you in the home of the Humphreys. No matter what happens when you return back to Germany, you will always hold a special place in my heart, and 3000 miles away, you are my home and my sister for life. 

To Addy Cousins – My One and Only

We played basketball in eighth grade and I briefly began to enjoy your presence, but just as COVID-19 arrived, our relationship ended. Sinking into a whirlpool of never speaking for over a year, we have recently found each other again. Like two magnets, inseparable. I don’t know what I would do without “us.” Hearing your voice is equivalent to a breath of fresh air, you let me breathe, and never fail to rejuvenate me with your goofy energy. Every aspect of my life with you intertwined is a million times better, you make my days brighter and everything more enjoyable. Thank you for being you. 

To Amelia DiBenedetto – My furry friend

Not going to lie, you scared me so much. Up until this year when the counselors basically matched our schedules, I was terrified of your personnel. I’m mostly sure it was because you always gave off such a put-together and stubborn vibe, which spooked me. But as of right now, I couldn’t be more thankful for your presence in my life. Over a couple of months, I’ve grown to admire you. The way your personality always seems so excited and intrigued, how you are so effortlessly funny and have no trouble provoking a wide grin on my face, and being there for me late at night when I’m broken down in tears about unnecessary life events. Even though you fill my ears with furry like meows, and hisses, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart.  

The Fab “Fysics” Four – The reasons I’m failing physics

Walking into Mr. Andersons’ room on the first day of school,  I was nervous about who would be in the room. I searched for any familiar faces and was disappointed to only find two friends. Receiving our assigned seats, I was placed next to three people I had exchanged minimal words with. Annalise Brinks, Noah Burk, and Carlee Cummings. Over the past three months, I have loved every moment with these three. Annalise, what would I do without your smile, perfect outfits, and our common taste in exquisite sneakers. Carlee, your outfits are absolute perfection. You have such a contagious laugh that always forces a smile on my face. Noah, although you have an extreme case of lice, I wouldn’t give up on you attempting to teach me physics equations for anything in the world. Although you three are undoubtedly the reason I am failing physics, you make my day so much more special. 

Mr. Riley – For never giving up on me

Although you possess the power to be the cheesiest teacher at FHC, you’ve never stopped pushing me to try my best. Whether it’s your awful “motivational” speeches or horrible quotes you’ve memorized and so effortlessly recite to our class, your words have made such a deep impact on my life. Regardless of whatever mood I’m in when I enter room 112, I always exit it in a better mindset. 

Mr. Manders – My ray of sunshine

What ever would I do without you in my life? Every morning I am met with a wide smile and a joyful exclamation of “good morning sunshine.” Regardless of the fact that you endlessly make fun of me, and find pleasure in seeing bright red anger rush through my veins, you are one of the reasons I look forward to school every day. 

Mr. George – For the impact you’ve had on my life

On the first day of school, you pressured me to switch to Honors English—the best decision I’ve made so far this year. Although catching up on three months of Fahrenheit 451 was not pleasant, I’m so grateful for you and both classes I have with you each day. I’ve learned more than just rhyme schemes and how to use a comma, but how to look at each day with a positive attitude and claim all the good in the world and make it mine. There aren’t enough words in the world I could use to thank you for that. 

The Fam – For sticking with me no matter what

I love you all more than words can explain. Mom, you are the strongest woman I know and never fail to force a smile on my face. Our shopping trips and grocery runs are unparalleled and I’m thankful for every moment I spend in your presence. Dad, although you believe I’m evil and practically the spawn of Satan, I got half of my genes from you if that tells you anything. But you have helped me in so many ways grow to become a more delightful and fun-loving person. Your mean sarcastic comments and forcing me to go ice fishing are something I wouldn’t replace for anything in the world.  Ben, you are something else. Loud and obnoxious are two words that describe every aspect of your personality, yet I enjoy every piece of you. Nate, my literal twin. From the way we think to the way we act, being so in sync is something we’ve grown accustomed to. Everything about our relationship is so enviable, we are my most prized possession. 

Alex Ophoff and Eva Vantil – My favorite horse girls

Since eighth grade, you two have always been by my side. We’ve had ups and downs, but they are eternally masked by all of the laughter and memories we have together. Eva, from the day we accidentally met up at horse camp, there hasn’t been a dull moment in my life. Alex, I don’t even know what to say besides thank you for being there for me every single day. You guys know how to invoke extensive joy throughout my life, and I’m so thankful for your presence. 

Abigail Virginia, Vicky – T, Jenna Lowell, and Maya Sneider- For being my soccer girlies

Although being on a team with the combined four of you never actually got to happen, each season with each of your individual personalities has been unmatched. Abby, you were my friend crush for three months and now I can’t get rid of you. Bringing excitement and mystery to our friendship is something you’ve mastered. You will forever be my favorite center benchwarmer. Victoria, I really hated you for an extensive period of time. But as we were placed on the same team together two years ago and our friendship has grown, it has become almost enviable. I wouldn’t give up our rant sessions and gossiping about gross boys for anything. Maya, I love you so much. Everything about you brings joy to my heart. The enthusiasm you bring on and off the field is what I cherish most about you. Jenna, my day one keeper. We’ve been a dynamic duo for years and I just cannot explain how excited I am to be back at it again with you this spring. You are such an amazing and goofy person and I love every bit about who you are.

Carly Fryling, Brielle Tate, and Meara Schneider – For being my big sisters

Entering into my first season at Midwest United and not knowing anyone, you three took up the job of taking me in and giving me a sense of family on the team. Even though I’m more than a year younger than all three of you, throughout our season you have treated me like a little sister. Listening to all the random things that spew out of my mouth, giving horribly bad advice to my discombobulated situations, and bringing max energy on and off the field—except for you Meara, you could work on that. All three of you have made me grow as a person and were there for me when I needed anything and I can’t thank you guys enough.

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