TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Coco Corey

Sloane Corey – for being my built-in best friend

Thank you for banging on my door, for stealing all my clothes, and for making me grilled cheese sandwiches in the middle of the night. I love you, brat. Though your bedroom is only floors away from mine, there’s nobody I’d rather have a “sleepover” with.

To my girls, for sticking with me all these years

I’m proud to say I’ll be leaving high school with the same girls I entered it with.

Stella Sutton – for being my other half

I’ve never connected with someone as quickly and as deeply as you; I don’t think I ever will. Thank you for curling my hair constantly. Thank you for doing the weirdest things in public. Thank you for having a contagious laugh. Thank you for being up for absolutely everything. I truly believe that we were meant to meet. 

Remmie Ingraham – for being joyful and kind

You’re such a light, and I can’t imagine my past several years at FHC without your presence. Thank you for being smiley all the time. Thank you for always asking if I need help with anything. Thank you for being the “mom” of the friend group with me. You’re always bright and happy, and it rubs off on everyone around you. 

Bun (because Sophia Galan just isn’t your name) – for being real and telling it like it is

I never get tired of you. I value your opinion more than many others because your responses are always genuine and thoughtful. Thank you for being hilarious. Thank you for always needing help finding your car keys. Thank you for making spring break the best week ever. There’s nobody I’d rather have digging through my closet for clothes. Everyone needs a friend like you.

Sofia Debano – for always staying by my side

I’m so thankful you left Rochester and came here. Thank you for all the fondue nights. Thank you for all the middle of the night golf cart rides. Thank you for being the only human I know that sleeps with a blanket wrapped around their face. You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and I know if anything ever happened, you’d be there for me in a heartbeat. 

Bella Wiseley – for making my spring so happy

I couldn’t ask for a better person to play tennis with. Thank you for making my chest hurt from laughing. Thank you for screaming “out” for me, so I don’t return the ball since I’m blind. I cannot wait for March to play again and blame our bad serves on the tennis balls.

Kenzie Hushak – for being my partner in crime for fifteen years and counting

Thank you for being the craziest person I know. Thank you for sharing my passionate love for Adobe. Thank you for driving hours unnecessarily with me to get the best bagels, coffee, and pretzel buns. Thank you for dropping world class salsa off at my house. I’m so glad I ran into you on my Barbie jeep all those years ago; I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I know it’s cheesy, but I wouldn’t be who I am as a senior without having you girls all these years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Samantha D’Alexander – for being the Nick Wilde to my Judy Hopps

You are my complete opposite, and I love you so much for it. Thanks for constantly interrupting me. Thanks for making me laugh hysterically. Thanks for having an opinion on absolutely everything and never shutting up. I know you’ll leave this place and get everything you want out of life; I’m so excited for you to do it.

Hunter Robinson – for being my person

Thank you for making the best scrambled eggs. Thank you for being my favorite person to ski with. Thank you for pretending to like Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries. Thank you for letting me steal all your clothes. You put a smile on my face everyday, and I’ve had the best year with you. Nobody can make a better carrot cake than we can. I love you.

Eden Growney – for being the big sister I never had

You have the sweetest soul of anyone to ever walk this earth. Thank you for the best weekend trips. Thank you for putting my athleticism to the test and teaching me to wake surf. Thank you for being my favorite person to shop with. Thank you for the endless memories. I miss having you across the street from me. I love you, angel.

John Corey – for being my first ever best friend

There’s nothing like going to the kitchen in the middle of the night and seeing you in the most random outfit. A blazer? A fedora? Pj pants decorated in teddy bears drinking martinis? Without failure, you find a way to surprise me every time. Thank you for watching Criminal Minds with me at night when I’m terrified. Thank you for being the only sane person in our family at airports. Thank you for being the best big brother ever. I’m so excited for you to come home; North Carolina doesn’t deserve you. I love you wholeheartedly.

Dad – for like… everything I own, everywhere I’ve ever been, and also for raising me

Thank you for having the biggest heart. Thank you for being so weird. Thank you for losing your phone and making it everyone’s problem. Thank you for being the biggest foodie ever. Thank you for making us take family photos when nobody wants to; we’ll be glad when we look back on them in twenty years. We never give you enough credit for your jokes. I love you, and I’m so thankful for you, Dad.

Mom – what would I do without you?

No really, what would I do? I’m so insanely blessed to have you. When everything else in my life is changing, you’re my constant. I can’t imagine a world without your thoughtful, kind self (or your superb cooking). I love you unconditionally, and I’ve never felt more loved by someone than you. Thank you for raising me to be the woman I am today; nobody else could do all that you do.

The Central Trend – because I’ve never loved a class more

Thank you TCT staff for being the most welcoming, kind, supportive people. I love you all. Thank you to Nat, Emma, and Avery for going above and beyond every single day; you three do so much for the site, and we’re all so thankful for that. Thank you to Mr. George for pushing me to join and write. Because of all of you, I have a future I’m excited for; I never would’ve embraced my love for writing and words without you. There’s no room at FHC like Room 139.

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