TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Marissa Lunt

Music – for bringing light into my life 

I would have never thought that when I played my first A-sharp on the keys that would soon become muscle memory. Spending many Saturday nights cooped up in my room for hours on end feeling happy inside because I find a rhythm I love. You have guided me through most of my struggles but more through my life experiences–lending me new perspectives of what’s within me—and pulling out my strengths. I’m thankful for the way you’ve lured me into a world that picks me up; a world that lends itself powerfully to me.

Mom and Dad – for choosing me

Thank you for always pushing me to do my best, taking time to teach me new things, veering through problems alongside me, and for being my number one support system. I’m thankful for landing an outstanding life in your hands. You have taught me so many times that it’s okay to be different. You choose me to be your daughter and nothing, not even different blood, will ever change that. Thank you for being the parents that I will always think of as strong, brilliant, and loving people in my life.

Patrick Lunt – for being my brother influence

I’d like to start by saying having you as my one and only brother has taught me so many lessons. From jumping in a pile of fall leaves, racing to find the foam football, throwing snowballs at Lindsey and Natalie’s windows, to sharing jokes during church on Christmas Eve, you turn boring things into something more. Now don’t get me wrong, I always enjoy listening to the organs play in church, but I’d much rather catch a football with you or simply talk about life. If I make a mistake, I’ll fall down, but I’ll get back up and try it again–and that’s what you’ve taught me to do. I’ll embarrass myself, but you’ll laugh at me and I’ll shrug it off and try again next time. I couldn’t ask for anyone else to be my older brother, and I’m thankful you get to be mine. 

Natalie and Lindsey Lunt – for being my role models

I used to be that annoying little sister that would knock on your door every five seconds while you had friends over; it was only because I wanted to be with you. From the airport on my first birthday to now, I have ridden on a rollercoaster full of laughter, silliness, endless love, and so many other meaningful moments with the both of you right by my side through it all. You are my built-in best friends, regardless of whether we show it or not–my constant reminders that I’m accepted in this world. I always know you have my back, and I’ll always have yours.  You both continue to teach me so much and have shown me what young female adults are capable of. I’m thankful for and will always be thankful for the strong, powerful, resilient older sisters that you are–my role models. 

The Bardelli’s – for being a part of my life

Remember that time awhile ago when younger me pretended to surf on the slide in your backyard? Spoiler alert, I cracked my head open. I’m not exactly sure what day it was, but now I look back and laugh about it. I have been so blessed to have such a caring family like yours grow up with mine. You have watched me grow as a person and have been there since the very beginning. I’m thankful for the support and love that you continuously show me. I consider you all family. 

Bryce Madder – for new adventures full of endless laughs and smiles

We never know what the day has in store for us, but the best part is sharing every detail about it with each other. The both of us aren’t too great of planners, but every weekend is different; whether it’s getting sushi from D&W and eating it in the car, or watching the same movie while on FaceTime, you always manage to get a smile out of me. The level of understanding that you have and being able to share funny stories with you is something I would never change. I’m forever grateful for the happiness you bring, even on tough days, but most importantly, the echos of our laughter as each day we open another door that leads us into an adventure. You are such a caring, thoughtful, encouraging person, and I wouldn’t change that for the world. 

Shannon Murphyfor an everlasting friendship

Since the first day of third grade, you’ve always managed to be the better half of our friendship–always making the right decisions, like when it’s too late to watch our fourth movie on a Friday night, always stating five reasonable arguments as to why one snack is more favorable to another. I hold close all the times we’ve ridden our bikes into Ada while laughing and falling over; it never mattered who saw us because we didn’t care. This bond is something I will always cherish with me, no matter where it takes us, and I’m so thankful for that. 

Kaylin Scheunemanfor being a ray of sunshine

We’ve only begun our friendship, and there’s so much more to arrive. You’ve brought another perspective into my life, but you’ve done more than just that in these couple of months. You ask and care about others, in fact, you get excited about my new shoes just as much as I do–you’re a bolt of happiness. I’m grateful for this new beginning as friends, so let’s make more memories.

Margaret English – for putting up with my ridiculousness 

I don’t know how you do it, but I really do believe we could lay on the ground laughing each other’s ears off forever if one of us doesn’t pull it together–it’s always you. You have not only shown me what a solid friendship is, but you’re an amazing, kind person to be around. I’m glad we’ve continued to become great friends, and I’m so thankful for all the crazy, dumb moments we’ve shared together.

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