TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2021: Kyle Basher

Jem – for always being there for me

Thank you for being there for me in my darkest times. You never fail to brighten my mood and make my days bearable. I wish we could hang out more often, but I still love being able to talk to you on Discord most days. Our bond is not one that I have ever experienced before; I genuinely do not understand how you are so caring, or how you can put up with my antics, or how you don’t tire of me. Words can not even describe how thankful I am for you. You have brought me some of the happiest memories of my life and kept me going through the worst I’ve had to experience. I’m glad that you put as much trust in me as I do in you. Thank you for being the best first DM that I could ever have asked for; I don’t think D&D would have ever happened without you.

Linkclaw – for years of comradery

Thank you for sharing your life with me. It’s been rough, but we’ve grown out of that. I couldn’t be where I am, or with the people, I am with, without you. You led me to find the people who I love more than anyone else, and for that, as well as the years of friendship, I thank you. Our friendship is simple, but it’s great for that reason. We just have fun, no strings attached, no drama, just good times. Sure we have had our quarrels, but we’re both past those now, right? No need for me to worry about not loving Metroid Prime 2, right? You’ve made my intro to D&D one of the most enjoyable things I’ve had in life.

Keldon – For being the most eclectic mentor

Thank you for helping me with all my stupid questions when it comes to video games. You somehow explain it in a way that just makes sense to me. I enjoy talking with you so much, your personality is so erratic, and I love it. Like Linkclaw, you’ve made my first D&D experience so much better than it could have been.

Deadbruh – for being the most loveable person yet hated character

When you first joined in on D&D, I hated your character, but over time I realized that, despite the OP nature of the character, you played them extremely well. I love hearing your laugh as we talk about theoretical D&D builds. Thank you for being the most upbeat guy I know.

Star – for our pseudo therapy session

Thank you for being someone I can just talk to about the issues I have. Our late-night talks have always been a good break from the faces I put on. It’s always nice when you join the calls and talk with us. I’m glad that you were able to see past the facades I put on too—it let us make a genuine connection that I don’t share with many people. Don’t take that lightly though, I really do rely on you when I need help. We do also need to find some more games that we both enjoy, it’s hard to enjoy multiplayer games by myself.

10 – for your willingness to help me learn the trumpet

Thank you for teaching me how to play the trumpet. I’m glad that we’ve been friends through band because you never fail to make me enjoy being out in the cold and rain. Seeing us become closer is so nice. Though, we do need to talk more often or maybe find some more games that we both enjoy playing. Glad we both ‘do a little trolling.’

Ryan – for being the best friend I don’t get to talk to outside of school

I don’t have a fun name for you, but that’s just cause we need to talk more. There are very few people who I’d rather sit next to in any of my classes. Hearing that your days are worse without me was heartwarming. Thank you for helping me meet Linkclaw, you really set me up well there. We just need to talk more, you are just insane enough to make anything you talk about interesting.

Cantaloupe, Carbonation, Casanova – for being another band friend

Honestly, we’ve done nothing special, but I am still incredibly grateful for our friendship regardless. Talking with you, Jae and the rest lets me just enjoy my time and escape my own worries, even if it is just till football season is over. Just wait for me to join the wind ensemble though.

Joshlin – for making me feel wanted

I don’t think we’ve really been close before this year, but I guess we’ve always known each other. I’m glad that our years of coexistence have turned into a friendship, even if it’s probably going to end with our graduation. I always appreciate the editing you do for me with all my TCT pieces. I’m glad you are in TCT.

Culver’s Employee – for just being a friend

Like Caption, I don’t have too much to say about you, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the friendship that we have through band and Culver’s. You help me feel more welcomed in TCT and make the other aspects of my life you’re a part of more enjoyable. It would be fun if we could work more together, a good thing we got your availability changed, right?

Ghost of Jazz Band past – For making me the person I am

Honestly, everyone who’s been in my journey through jazz has been amazing. From Vincent to Steven, and everyone in between, everyone in jazz has had such an amazing effect on my life. I have never loved school more than those 4th hours over the year(s) we shared. I miss all of you and hope that we may meet again. Thank you for making me feel like I belonged. Like I could be the person I want to be. Like someone who mattered. Your support has truly shaped my life in the best way possible. I continue to keep the lick alive for you all.

Jazz Band present – For keeping my hope for the band alive

There has never been a year in jazz where I was disappointed with the end results, and I like what I’m seeing so far. You guys, like the ghost of jazz past, make me feel like I belong—like I’m valued. Our little portion of the band is one of the best in the program, and I love seeing all of our hard work go into the concerts; so to all of you, thanks.

Drum major Woody – for four years of Jazz

I know I already thanked you, by technicality, but it has been amazing watching us grow in our abilities as our years in jazz progressed. I can’t even begin to think about how mediocre we were when we started because by god we got so much better. Thanks for helping jazz be easier to get into by being one of the three people I knew.

‘Zachary’ – For inspiring me to keep improving

I don’t think I’ve ever said this to you, but wow. You have improved so much over the years as we have played together in jazz band. I’ve heard how well you can solo now, and I just want to say I am genuinely impressed. That improvement, and the skill you already have, makes me want to just keep on getting better at the sax, so thank you.

The Band seniors – For years of music and memories

Since seventh grade—well less time for some people—we have been together. Sharing memories, sharing music, and sharing good times. The band has been one of the best experiences of my life. Hearing all the fun stories we had on senior night, trying my hardest not to cry at Piano Man⁠, and just barely failing. I would never give up these memories that we have made for anything.

The True Blue Crew – for an escape from life

I know, I know. It’s a bit ironic that a job is an escape from life, but I honestly have been loving working at Culver’s. It’s truly an amazing place filled with amazing people. When I first started, I was honestly petrified, but walking in on my first day, you all made me feel more at ease as we talked. As I started working, I found that I had found a love for my job even if it wasn’t one most would want. I don’t think I would like working as much as I do without all of you guys. 

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