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FHC’s Got Talent Q&As: Josie Butler & Lauren Roth

Name: Josie Butler

Grade: 10th

Act/position: Singing with piano

Partner(s): Sophomore Lauren Roth

1. What is one word you’d use to describe your act?

Josie: “Tradition.”

2. Why did you decide to try out for FHC’s Got Talent?

Lauren: “Since we’ve been doing [the talent show] together for so long, I think we should just do it all through high school.”

3. What preparation has gone into your performance?

Josie: “Not a lot. Our audition was the first time doing it together.”

4. What’s another act you’re most excited to watch?

Lauren: “I’m excited to watch the senior guys’ act because they didn’t have an act last year.”

5. Why should people come watch the show?

Josie: “[The performers] get to pick what they want to do. With things like the play, it’s sort of done for you, but with this, you get to choose [your act].”

6. When did you acquire your talent?

Lauren: “I’ve been playing piano since I was six.”

7. If you had to choose either Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, which chipmunk could you relate to most and why?

Josie: “I’d probably say Simon because I’m kind of in the background, but also takes charge of everything.”

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