Cinderella Musical Q&As: Logan Verlinde

Name:  Logan Verlinde

Grade: 12

Role: Prince Topher

1. Why did you decide to try out for the musical?

I tried out for the musical because Mrs. DeMeester asked me to. She said that they needed more guys so I thought, “why not.”

2. What are you most excited about?

“I am most excited for closing night. I think that by that time, the nerves will be gone and I can just have fun with the performance.”

3. Why should people come see the show?

“People should come see the show because we have put so much hard work into it. The show is quite funny, so you will also have some nice laughs if you go.”

4. What’s been your favorite memory associated with the show?

“My favorite memory from the show this year is learning a dance called ‘the pursuit’ where I got to watch a bunch of castmates essentially sprint back and forth across the stage for an hour and a half.”

5. What do you and your character have in common?

“Something I have in common with my character is that I too could slay a dragon, if necessary.”

6. Do you have any pre-performance rituals to get into the zone?

“My pre-show ritual is to stand still and silently think about how nervous I am to go on.”

7. What’s your favorite part about being associated with the theatre program?

“My favorite part about being associated with the theatre program is that I have a lot of really good friends in it with me.”

8. Which Disney character do you think you’re most alike and why?

“I wasn’t sure about this question, so I asked my mom and she said, ‘Lord Farquad,’ [from Shrek].”

9. Who would you like to thank?

“I would like to thank Mrs. DeMeester for convincing me to try out for the musical and believing in me. I would also like to thank Russell Baird, Zach Guikema, and Callum Blackburn for having my back through this whole process and keeping me sane.”

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