Rachel Marco

Prom Court Q&As: Rachel Marco

What was your reaction to getting in prom court?

“I was really excited about getting on prom court. I wasn’t at the assembly because of an AP exam, so I was very surprised when my friends told me.”

What are your short-term future plans?

“In the fall I plan on attending the University of Vermont to study environmental science.”

What is your favorite senior year memory? 

“My favorite memory of senior year was probably the Winterfest assembly. I loved watching everyone’s lip-synchs and coming together as a class for the mattress races.”

What is one lesson that you’ve learned from your time in high school?

“I’ve learned that embracing a situation can make it a lot better. For me, developing more school spirit through the years and getting out of my comfort zone formed so many new relationships and just made my time at FHC more enjoyable. It’s not about where you are but what you do there.”

What ice cream flavor would you be and why? 

“I’m not sure what ice cream flavor I would be, but the Buzzfeed quiz I just took said cookie dough so I’ll go with that.”

What was your favorite class in high school and why?

“French has definitely been my favorite class because I’ve had the same teacher and classmates for five years. We’ve become a sort of small community within the school and all shared a lot of laughs, life lessons, and food together.”

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