FHC Inspires Q&As: Olivia Oorbeck

Name: Olivia Oorbeck

Position: Speaker

TED Talk title: Find An Escape

Why did you apply to be a speaker? 

“I applied to be a speaker because I wanted to try something new and get experience with talking in front of a large crowd.”

How are you feeling about speaking at FHC Inspires? 

“I am both excited and nervous to speak at FHC Inspires. I’m excited because I have always been a person who is comfortable on the stage, and I want to tell—and hopefully inspire others with my story. I’m definitely nervous because I don’t want to freeze up there and not know what I was saying.”

What was the process of picking the perfect TED Talk topic? 

“The process of picking the perfect TED Talk topic was finding something that you can really relate to and know a lot about [about] your topic.”

What does your message mean to you?

“My message means a lot to me because it is allowing me to show who I truly am, and how I got to where I am today.”

Who is your target audience?

“My targeted audience is everyone because [they] can relate to something in my presentation, whether that be big or small.”

Did you ever see yourself speaking at FHC Inspires?

“In all honesty, I didn’t really see myself doing [FHC] Inspires until I started working and planning out my TED Talk.”

What are you doing to prepare for the big night?

“I am doing a lot of run-throughs, prepping myself for the big night, and allowing myself to be excited because I know that if I’m just freaking out over it, then I won’t do well.”

How does your Google Slide presentation reflect your topic?

“My Google Slideshow reflects my topic because it shows my makeup and my growth from doing makeup.”

What’s a mobile game you’re currently hooked on?

“It’s not a mobile game, but it is on my computer. It’s 2048 cupcakes.”

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