FHC Inspires Q&As 2022: Jiya Patel

Name: Jiya Patel

Position: Speaker

TED Talk Title: Bilinguality and The Brain

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

“I believe the event provides an opportunity to be able to send out key messages to people in our community and share my voice. Through this, I will be able to not only share my ideas with fellow peers but also (hopefully) improve my overall confidence when speaking to a larger group. Additionally, I just thought the experience could be a fun way to spend time :)”

How are you feeling about speaking at FHC Inspires?

“I feel nervous–if anything–even a bit excited about sharing my ideas. Public speaking has not always been my favorite, but since I am able to talk about a topic that I feel confident about, I’m not too worried. Additionally, I think the experience might be worth the anticipation. “

What was the process of picking the perfect TedTalk topic?

“I went through multiple stages of pondering over the perfect topic to present, and I would constantly switch around my ideas based on how I felt other people would judge them. Originally, I was debating four widely-ranging topics. In fact, the Ted Talk I gave in class was a different topic than the one I will present for FHC Inspires. I decided to settle on a topic that encapsulated more of what I was passionate about rather than something that would please others. “

What does your message mean to you?

“My topic encompasses the cognitive aspects of being bilingual and how this shapes the brain. To me, it represents a way for almost everyone to take a second and understand the wide-ranging differences that wire our minds. Not many people ponder upon this topic every day, so I think it’s an effective way to teach someone something new as well as urge anyone to learn a new language if possible. “

Who is your target audience?

“I wish to speak out to anyone who might be interested in learning a new language or specific facts about our cognitive relations with linguistic capabilities. On top of this, I hope to motivate anyone struggling with finding a reason to continue learning a certain language and a rationale to do so.”

Did you ever see yourself speaking at FHC Inspires?

“Throughout last year and even at the beginning of this year, I would have never imagined myself participating in FHC Inspires. For the majority of my life, I have struggled with public speaking and giving a voice to myself, so I was really surprised when I said my Ted Talk in front of a room packed with people and it went perfectly. Due to this, I decided to push myself one step further and try FHC Inspires.”

What are you doing to prepare for the big night?

“I am not doing anything in particular other than relaxing and hoping for the best. I tend to function better when I’m not placing myself under too much stress, so in order to prepare, I decided not to overwhelm myself.”

How does your Google Slide presentation reflect your topic?

“My slideshow showcases specific images, information, and statistics that provide the audience with a better understanding of my topic while I discuss certain details. Additionally, it contains personal memories I can refer back to in order to connect my life with how my topic impacts people every day.”

What’s a mobile game you’re currently hooked on? 

“I am and always have been an avid player of geometry dash lite. Not to flex, but I am currently on the level “cycles.” (the music also slaps ngl)”

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