FHC Inspires Q&As: Maggie Schimeck

Name: Maggie Schimeck

Position: Speaker

TED Talk title: Anyone Can Be an Artist

Why did you apply to be a speaker? 

“I applied to become a speaker because I’ve been really excited to do it ever since I saw them in the auditorium last year. I really want to leave a positive impact on the community, and if people see me, they associate me with that.”

How are you feeling about speaking at FHC Inspires? 

“I’m feeling really exhilarated about it. I haven’t been able to get it into the time that I need but I want to keep all of my jokes in. Overall [I’m] really excited.”

What was the process of picking the perfect TED Talk topic? 

“When we first made the sheets, I chose one about school, and only wrote down my current one as a backup answer, but when Mr. George showed who had what topic, I saw the backup one next to my name, and that’s how it all started.”

What does your message mean to you?

“I love art. I always have. And if I could leave a positive impact on people and perhaps make some new artists, I would love it.”

Who is your target audience?

“My target audience is literally everybody. My topic isn’t age-specific so my audience is anybody who will listen.”

Did you ever see yourself speaking at FHC Inspires?

“Yes. Ever since I was running through my talk for the school run throughs, I imagined myself up on the big stage.”

What are you doing to prepare for the big night?

“Running through it in my head and trying to get my timed down to where it needs to be.”

How does your Google Slide presentation reflect your topic?

“My slide presentation shows a bunch of my artwork, old and recent, to overall show my growth and how much growth anybody else can have if they want or have ever considered being an artist.”

What’s a mobile game you’re currently hooked on?

“Pokemon Go and Clash Royale.”

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