Investigative series: Eva Harshman – Hands-on over hands-out

I used to be able to skim my textbook, call it studying, take the test, and scrape by. This worked for me for a long time, until it didn’t. School got harder, and I needed to up my game. Now that I have a heavy course load, my limited time needs to be filled with the most efficient methods of learning and studying. This needs to take place within and outside of the classroom; without great methods, time is being wasted.

It’s been proven that hands-on learning and activities have benefits all around, including both social and academic perspectives. So, why not transition to them? Thus far, FHC has been incorporating project-based learning into some of its curricula, but there is room for improvement. This week, I hope to reshape the thinking around school and learning as a whole. Hands-on learning is the most beneficial way of learning for students, but the transition to this type of learning can be difficult, so it is essential to learn as much as possible about this type of education.

Beginning October 4, look for one story per day that focuses on the teaching and learning styles in today’s educational system.

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