A view of the shoreline at Camp Geneva, where the class of 2016 will be having its Senior Retreat this September. (campgeneva.org)
A view of the shoreline at Camp Geneva, where the class of 2016 will be having its Senior Retreat this September. (campgeneva.org)

Camp Geneva: The Beginning of a Great Year for Seniors

September 4, 2015

Sunday, September 13th: Seniors, mark this date in your calendars because you are going to camp for this year’s senior retreat. A place to unplug yourselves from the world around you, Camp Geneva, located right next to a breathtaking lake, looks like a sanctuary for having fun and creating memories.

“I am so beyond pumped for the senior retreat,” said senior Lauren Gage. “I think it will finally bring all the different groups that make up the class of 2016 together for one last year. It is also a perfect way to start out the school year on a positive note, not only with fellow classmates, but also with the administration.”

While the school has done retreats like this before, this year’s retreat is said to have better necessities and activities to enjoy. The FHC administration is always trying to make a better experience for the students, and they do this by learning from previous years’ faults.

“I think we are just all very excited to continue to see this event grow.” said social studies teacher and soccer coach Jeremy Stacy. “We have some trial runs and have gotten feedback from past groups. We’ve been able to evaluate what we’ve done and how we want to move forward.”

As a freshman, the main goal was to make it to senior year alive, and to the class of 2016: you made it. Well done.

“Being a senior feels special because of small things like the senior retreats. Even though we haven’t graduated yet, we kinda made it,” Gage said.

The senior retreat has become an event to look forward to not only for the students, but also for the teachers and administration.

“It helps me as a teacher to see students in a different light; I see how they may lead, or may follow,” said science teacher Chad Scholten. “I think it is great and beneficial to both students and staff members.  I see some of the creative or athletic sides of students that are not as evident in an academic setting.”

Students are not the only ones forming bonds with each other; the teachers are too. This retreat helps everyone see each other in a new light and enjoy everyone’s company while making memories at the same time.

“It’s honestly one of the highlights of the year for me,” Stacy said. “It’s so fun to see everyone laughing together and engaging in activities together.”

Meeting and embracing new people is the big goal for the senior retreat. The administration and faculty is striving to bring everyone together before they head their separate ways into their own futures.

“The goal of the retreat is to provide a setting for the senior class to build relationships or start new ones with each other that will carry into their last year,” Scholten said. “Some students interact with others that they do not know very well or even have not talked to during their past 3 years at CHS.”

Next time a student from the class of 2016 goes to camp they will be given flashbacks of the time in their life when they had their senior retreat. However, no matter how far life takes them, FHC will always be there to keep ropes tied onto this class.

“I don’t think anyone is really thinking about the sad ending yet when we all go our separate ways, because we are too busy enjoying the beginning of our last year; hopefully our best year,” Gage said.

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