Investigative series: Allie Beaumont – Caffeine, helpful or harmful?

Caffeine, helpful or harmful? With 62% of the population consuming coffee on a daily basis, it raises the question, what are the effects of caffeine? Through this investigative series, topics such as the positive and negative aspects of consuming caffeine will be covered. In addition to these questions, I will also be discussing different forms of caffeine consumption, debating which, if any, are best for your health. 

Caffeine Q&As: Payton Dailey

Caffeine Q&As: Keyla Acevedo-Hargis

Allie Beaumont, Editor and Chief

Name: Keyla Hargis-Acevedo 1. How many cups of coffee do you have each day and does it vary from day to day, depending on what you have going on? “On a weekday, about three to four [cups of coffee,] on the weekends, one or two only.”  2. What is your favorite way to drink your coffee/favorite Starbucks drink? “Starbucks drink was the salt caramel mocha, [but I] don't do that anymore, ...

Caffeine Q&As: Lara Butlevics
Your cup of coffee or the world?
Is the caffeine boost really worth it?
My morning cup of coffee

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