Caffeine Q&As: Lara Butlevics

Name: Lara Butlevics

Grade: 12

1. At what age did you start drinking caffeine, and what was your reason for starting the habit?

“I started drinking caffeine pretty early; I would say I was 13. I started with really sugary coffee and soda but quickly moved to coffee without all the sugar and energy drinks with too much caffeine. I started because I loved the carbonation and really enjoyed the taste and I soon became reliant on it.”

2. At what point in your life do you think you were drinking the most caffeine on a daily basis, and why?

“I practically killed myself internally in the second semester of my sophomore year. I was drinking more caffeine than what the normal human body can handle. I would drink a coffee in the morning to help me find the will to live, and then in my second hour I would drink my favorite energy drink at the time, Reign, and after school, before my soccer practice I would have another energy drink because I needed another boost of energy to get me through the suffering I experienced at soccer.”

3. What form of caffeine is your favorite to consume?

“I personally have been on an energy drink kick recently, but coffee is so comforting, and you can never go wrong with a hot cup of coffee early in the morning.”

4. Have you ever accidentally consumed too much caffeine, and if so, how did you feel/share any stories you have from this time?

“I have many times. I got so used to feeling anxious and tired at the same time and I got sick of the feeling and just wanted to be awake. I drank over 600 mg of caffeine one day and crashed so badly that night I fell asleep on a Starbucks triple shot coffee and, to say the least, it was a very bad day the next day.” 

5. When you drink caffeine do you enjoy your drink of choice, or do you find yourself only drinking it to stay awake?

“I drink beverages that I only enjoy. My favorite drink is Uptime; it’s so good and I love drinking it at school because it gives me joy and helps me stay awake. I used to drink energy drinks to stay awake but after my “recovery stage” during the summer after and at the beginning of Junior year, I drink them to give me energy whilst enjoying the experience.” 

6. What time/times of day do you drink caffeine?

“This year, it has become routine for me to drink my uptime in the 2nd hour, AP Stats, and eat goldfish. I don’t drink coffee in the morning anymore but I do have an energy drink after school as well to give me a little boost for my workouts/soccer.” 

7. What does your sleep schedule typically look like, and do you think your caffeine intake impacts it? 

“My sleep schedule has been the same since junior year. On a normal night, I get roughly six hours of sleep, but my caffeine intake has no impact on it because I typically take little naps throughout the day because I get so tired.”

8. If you had to rate your opinions on caffeine on a scale of 1-10 (1 being you hate it 10 being you love it) what would you rate it and why?

“10! It’s my favorite drug. No, but really, it seriously makes me excited. I actually look forward to sitting in Stats drinking my Uptime and eating my goldfish, and I look forward to drinking it before the gym. While it practically killed me way back when, I’ve developed a healthy relationship with it and I love it.”

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