Relationship Q&As : Kaylin Scheuneman

Name: Kaylin Scheuneman

Grade: 12

Who are you dating?

“Tyler Poth.”

How long have you been together and when did you meet?

“Three and a half years; it was eighth grade, and I was twelve when we met.”

How do you think being in a relationship has affected your high school experience?

“It’s given me a best friend I can go to if ever need anything, and it’s caused me to gain a lot more friendships with girls and guys, and it has just given me more experiences and allowed me to widen my high school experience I would say.”

 What was it like going into high school being in a relationship?

“It was honestly kind of nice into [high school] knowing that I have someone if I ever need anything because I was still figuring out who my friends were back then, so it was nice to always have someone there if I ever needed help and just someone to go to.”

 Has your perspective on dating changed since the beginning of your relationship?

“Yeah, I feel like dating used to be a bragging right, like in middle school if you were dating someone you were considered cool; it was like “oh my gosh they’re dating someone.” It wasn’t as normal because [in middle school] it was just crushing and it never really worked out, but now, if you’re dating someone, it’s more serious and you go into it actually considering your future.”

 What is your favorite memory together?

“There’s a lot, [but] probably when we went camping last summer; that was really fun. We went up to Mackinac for three days with his family and went to Mackinac Island.”

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