TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Abby Busch

My family–for being a constant in my life

Claire, even though we used to not like each other very much, you are now one of my favorite people to be around. You have so much life and exuberance about everything you do. You are never quiet, always have something to say, and I am 100% convinced that in another lifetime you were a cat. You are not afraid to speak your mind, even if it’s something that is hard to say. I love our sleepovers when we talk so much that when we look at the clock, it is two in the morning and we realize that we need to actually go to bed. 

Ben, ever since you left for college we don’t see each other as much for obvious reasons. But, I always appreciate our little conversations when I keep you up to date with pictures of Dipper. You are good at practically everything you put your mind to, whether it’s crew or school or something else entirely. I know that if I ever need you, you would be there for me.

Mom and dad, you both are the best parents that I could ask for. Dad, you can always tell when I have something on my mind and are always ready to listen. I love that we have practically the same sense of humor, which is basically just dad jokes and little puns. Mom, you work so hard to help our family, and I appreciate all of it. You always encourage me to do my best, and you always give the best advice and opinions. I know that if I ever need either one of you, you would be there for me to help.

My grandparents, for always supporting me. I love all of you so much. 

Lovers not haters club–for adding happiness and energy to my life

Mary, Nora, and I about to see Harry Styles.

Nora Blok, for going on long rants about anything from pigeons to politics and being my fellow Swiftie. You are so passionate about everything you love. Mary Holtgreive, for being hilarious and so much fun to be around. I’m so happy that we were able to go to Harry Styles together. Olivia Rainey, for standing and waiting with me for more people to show up before school starts everyday and talking about our nights. Megan Boersema, for bringing humor and light to every situation. You make WHAP much more bearable. Ava Ackerman, for always having something to say about every situation. You are always so confident and fun. Lauren Roth, for your sarcastic comments and general hilarity. You make first hour much more fun. Bella Scott, for ensuring that lunch and fourth hour is entertaining. You bring so much life with you everywhere. 

The people who make school more fun

Jenna Lowell, for becoming a great friend within the past year. You make first hour (and the walk to second hour) so much better. I can’t wait for soccer season together! Maggie Schimeck, for making AP Lang more interesting. Sophie Erickson, for making French class more entertaining. Norah Schaafsma, for talking about what we did the night before in science class. Paige Johnson, for being my other science buddy and doing the labs together. Eva LaBeau, for making both AP Lang and WFP more fun. I love how close we have gotten within this past year, you make my days much better. Alysse Calabio, for making WHAP and WFP better. I love your sense of style. Arpita Das, for being such a kind person and so alike to me (also for editing most of my stories before they go on The Central Trend). 

Soccer–for being what I love most

Midwest United, you have brought so many amazing people into my life. I am so grateful to have spent the last six years with all of you. All of the coaches have pushed me into being the player that I am today, and although there have been some tough times, I know that they were only trying to make me into a better player.

My high school team after winning the state championship.

High school, I appreciate all that you have given me. A state championship, but more importantly, a phenomenal group of girls who quickly became some of my best friends. I have been looking forward to playing with you all again since we ended our season last year. Not only have I become a better player because of this team, but it also brought me happiness and friendships.

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