TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Arpita Das

Thank you to…

Mom – For always being there for me 

Despite how stubborn I can be, you never choose to give up on me, and I think that’s what makes you such an amazing person. You always make time for me and are always down to play board games that can sometimes get competitive. Although we joke about you opening a restaurant one day, your cooking continues to surprise me. You say that the one thing you want for me in life is to be happy, but in reality, that’s what I want for you too, to live a life full of joyfulness and traveling once I graduate high school. 

Dad – For being my rock. 

I know thank you’s aren’t your thing but thank you for always driving me to school and picking me up. You’re such a philosophical person—but I’m not surprised—I guess it’s just a trait that runs in the family. I always love talking about business and talking about life with you and I hope that’s something that never changes for us. It’s in both of our interests for me to graduate high school and attend college but one thing that I want for you is to continue being the free spirit that you are, keep laughing, keep smiling, but most importantly, keep living, because you only live once. 

Akansha – for always leading by example. 

I think it’s so unique how we’re three years apart in age but four years apart in grade level. We’re both in our junior year, except one of us is in high school and the other is in college. Whether it’s a text or a facetime call, I always love talking to you and have learned so much from you by being able to watch you flourish into the amazing young woman that you are today. Although we live in the same time zone I would be lying if I said that I don’t sleep in your room when I miss you, which is every day by the way. 

Grandma – for being you 

 Thank you for being you, I know this last year has been interesting, but I’m so happy you are happy. The sleepovers and ludo nights are always cherishable and I hope India is fun for you. Although I miss being able to see you everyday, I know that your just one phone call away. 

My teachers and classmates – for exceeding the bare minimum 

My 1st-hour APES – for being the perfect start to my day 

Thank you Mrs. Richardson for being such an amazing teacher and Science Olympiad coach all these years. I’m so glad I get to see you every day because I am continually learning how to become an environmentalist. Ryan, for always being willing to help me in APES. Kyle, for always being willing to review vocabulary terms before taking our quizzes. Quinn, for being my table mate the first day of school and for always sharing what’s going on in your life with me. Mekha for always being willing to help me with homework and for being such a genuine person. And to the rest of the APES class for being my muse and the hour who collectively chooses to laugh at the corny jokes on the board. 

My 2nd hour Honors Model UN

Thank you, Topher, for always being our chairman and for making the class so entertaining, please continue to be the wild and free-spirited senior that you are. Everett, for having such passion and devotion when it comes to public speaking, you always have something nice to say and are such a respectful person. Clara, for always having the most entertaining current events, thank you for presenting them in such a captivating way. Chloe, for being a natural-born leader and for reminding everyone that just because you’re a freshman doesn’t mean they can walk all over you. Mahima for always updating the class on the latest news regarding Pakistan and for your (CMM) certified Mahima Moments which never fail to be amusing. Ben for always presenting yourself with such confidence whether that be current events, debating, or even drafting a resolution paper. Rachel for being such an uplifting and ecstatic person and constantly reminding the class that the queen is no longer with us. Bilal, I don’t know what it is with you and Bosnia but you always create such great arguments when you are assigned that country. Andrew#3 or “Das Boot”  whatever your nickname is, for always willing to win an argument, I still remember when you gave a silent debate about “Where my hug at?” Andrew, otherwise known as “And,” thank you for always being the most cheerful person in the room. I’m glad that you started the FHC club and I can’t wait for what the rest of senior year has in store for you. Emma for always portraying your burning passion for the Yankees baseball team and for always getting your current events stolen. Karrson for always putting up with the hatred you get from being “The West”(America). Nick for always trying to include everyone in the simulations that we do and always looking within the best interest of the people. Carson for always being prepared for current events, the list of your crimes for the Batman Simulation was impressive. Rasraj for always being the most respectful person in the class. 

And last but not least, thank you to the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Riley, otherwise known as “Supreme God Riley.” From visiting you sophomore year to taking Model UN junior year, I can say that the timing for which I took this class couldn’t have been more perfect. There’s no doubt in my mind that this class will be one of many memorable courses I have ever taken in high school. Your fist bumps are the equivalent of scoring first place in the Olympics and your class makes my day. I have not only learned to be more confident when it comes to public speaking but have also learned to stand my ground and not sway my opinion to make people like me better. Thank you for being the leader of our class. Whether we’re going on walks, playing board games, or participating in simulations, this class has been nothing but an absolute journey for me. My favorite class memory was when you made us all do the “Cha Cha slide” dance after Andrew passed the batman simulation. 

My 3rd Hour WHAP 

Thank you, Mr. Anderson, for choosing to bring history to life within your classroom. Your cultural supplements along with all the hands-on activities we get to do in class only make the learning process that much more fun to be able to engage with. 

Thank you Zenash, Brooke, and Archer for being the best tablemates ever. I like that we’re able to talk about what’s going on in our lives while also being able to help each other out during class. Thank you Hannah for being such a good teammate during the Age of Empires and for making sure that everyone else was on task, you were an awesome defense for the trial. Thank you Heather for always making my day, you were such an amazing artist for the Age of Empires and I’m so glad that we get to work together. Thank you Paige for being such an amazing last-minute judge for the trial, you were such an amazing person to be able to work alongside. Thank you Lily for being an amazing juror to work with, you knew what you were doing and exchanged some very good ideas during recess periods. Finally, thank you to the rest of the AP World class for being the most celebrated hour of the day. Every day feels like an adventure where we can go back in time and learn about different periods in history. 

My 4th Hour Precalc 

Thank you Mrs. Heinz for being my teacher for another year of math. Although Algebra II wasn’t easy, there’s no other teacher I’d rather want to spend Precalculus with. Although I’m not as great at math as I used to be, it does feel pretty nice to be a part of a class that has upperclassmen. 

Thank you Gia for always being willing to help me with math, whether that be doing homework together or reviewing our assignments together, you never fail to amaze me with your Einstein-like intelligence. After 2 years I’m so glad we were finally able to get an hour together in our junior year of high school. Thank you Bernice for always being willing to struggle in Precalculus with me, your outfits are always so put together and your genuine and honest character is what makes you such an amiable person. 

Just as importantly,  thank you to the rest of the Precalculus for being the longest hour of my day. There’s no other way I would like to spend this class because being able to experience it with seniors reminds me that I am not alone in my arithmetic endeavors. 

My 5th Hour English 11 

Thank you Mrs. Chadderdon for always being willing to put up with our class and provide help where it is needed. I am not the best at reading but being able to dive into world literature only makes it that much more fun even when what the characters are saying doesn’t always feel like English. 

Thank you Kate for unequivocally being you. From meeting at a birthday party to having English together I have seen what a kindhearted person you are and my only hope is that that never changes for you. Thank you Kendall for helping me with all the grammar worksheets that we have to do during English. Whether I’m falling asleep or pestering you, you are always willing to help me. Lastly, thank you to the rest of the English 11 class for being the start of one of my two English periods in the afternoon and for being a class where I can dip more into the creative side of my brain with the stories we read. 

The Central Trend 

Thank you Mr. George for everything. Words can truly not describe what you have been able to do for me within the past year. From joining the school newspaper to eventually starting “series weeks” on The Central Trend, you stuck with me through it all. I don’t say it enough but I appreciate you not only as a teacher but also as a mentor because I know there is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of running a newspaper that not everyone can always acknowledge. You have not only given me a family to lean on but also another reason to keep going, to see where life takes you, and to remind me that no matter what stressors are going on in my life, The Central Trend will always be a home that I can come running home to. 

Thank you Katelynn for sharing your gift which is communication with people. You seem like someone who is very set on what you want to do in life and the way you choose to lead every day with kindness and enthusiasm makes my day. Payton for always having the most adorable outfits on and for choosing to end every day with a smile. Lauren for continuing to be a shoulder that I can lean on anytime I need some advice and for always making time for me despite how busy senior year can be. Your hard work goes into The Central Trend and the school does not go unrecognized.  Alex, for always being willing to edit my stories even though I ask you last minute, despite how busy you are you always make time for me and your stories are always a pleasure to read. 

Eva for always making me laugh with your ridiculous stories from the AP seminar and for just being such a funny person to be around. Sydney for all the hard work you put into being a copy editor. Kiera for being such an amazing writer, congratulations on one of your stories for getting the best of SNO. Addy for always being such a kind spirit and an even more hardworking podcast manager. Gigi for always having the most hard-hitting stories, you honestly have made me such a better writer and always have such a comfy and cute vibe that you’ve got going on with your style. Annie thank you for being our class photographer, your photos always turn out so amazing and I really appreciate all the hard work you put into attending all the school events to eventually post on The Central Trend. Lastly, to our editors Sofia and Allie for always starting our meetings on time. All the hard work and effort that goes into publishing, writing, and editing each story doesn’t go unnoticed and I hope you understand that the newspaper would not run the way it does without you. 

Writing For Publication 

 Mikayla thank you for being such a kindhearted person, your stories about board games are always so intrinsic to read. Gibby, I am so glad that I was able to be your Big Fish with you for this semester. Your stories about basketball and famous artists are always so fun to read about and I’ve gotten to know you more as I write and read your stories. Hazel thank you for always having such positive energy when entering the classroom, you have such amazing style and your hair is my favorite part about you. Cameron thank you for always being willing to share your favorite stories during the meetings, your daily banter with Charlie is always so entertaining to watch. Erika even though I’ve never had a one-on-one conversation with you, you seem like such a genuine person and always have the cutest nail designs. Finn thank you for always being the most energetic person in the class. Alysse thank you for always writing such hard-hitting stories and for having the cutest hairstyles, you always make my day. Abby, from meeting you at Emalea’s birthday party to being on The Central Trend with you, I never thought that our friendship would be what it is now and my face lights up every time I see you,  I can’t wait for what the rest of the year has in store for us as writers. Tilley thank you for always being involved in our team meetings, you write such amazing stories, and are such a knowledgeable person. Millie, I didn’t realize you had a sister until I met Evelyn and I think it’s so cool that you are able to have a class with your sister in high school, congratulations on being able to get one of your stories published before you even became a staff member. Eva when you first told me that you were joining writing for publication I felt like jumping up and down, but now that you are here I’m so excited about all the stories that you are going to publish on The Central Trend. Jonathan, I am so glad that you joined this class at the time that you did, you are such a talented person. Charlie, you are such a free-spirited person who never cares about what anyone else thinks and I think that really shows through what you wear, your updates about what goes on in chemistry, and your banter with Cameron are what I think make the meetings entertaining to be a part of. Molly,  Ellerie, Addie, and Ella thank you so much for being willing to join writing for publication, I could not be more proud of you guys for joining this semester.

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