TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Katelynn Heilman

TCT Staff- Each and every one of you make me feel important and heard; every day I’m prouder to be surrounded by such brilliant, creative, and inspiring individuals. I could write pages about my thanks to you all. Mr. George- the influence you’ve had on my life is vast and important. You are someone I aspire to be like in how I treat others, how I learn, how I grow, and how I view the world. I cannot emphasize enough how special your passion for teaching is. Thank you for showing up every day, for expecting more out of us, for keeping a positive, but honest, attitude, and for doing so without hoping for anything in return. Payton Vincent- You are the most comforting face to see at the end of the day. I can’t explain the joy I have knowing that I have you, knowing where we started, and knowing how much we’ve grown. Each memory, joint interview, drive home, coffee outing, and text exchange only emphasizes to me that we were meant to know each other—it amazes me that you only get better and better the longer I know you. Thank you for your positivity and its infectious nature; every moment I spend with you I’m reminded to smile more. Lauren Bracefor constantly inspiring me to be better in every activity that we’re a part of together—so all of them. Your creativity and passion never fail to amaze me. Alex Smith- for the peace you carry with you at all times and for your dedication to sharing your beautiful words. Arpita Das- for your unwavering honesty and for always making me feel like my presence matters. Eva Harshman- for speaking to me with enthusiasm no matter what the topic, and for having such a strong and inspiring passion for writing. Sydney Race- for being sincere in everything that you do, each word that you say and write makes an impact on me, and I only hope to one day conjure the power of words as much as you have. Kiera Kemppainen- for smiling at me in the hallway, you make me, and so many others, feel so important and loved. Addy Cousins- for being such a ball of energy, without you, the classroom and the site wouldn’t feel nearly as bright. Annie Douma- for making people feel seen not only in your photos but also in your smile. Gigi Sinicrope- for always having the most intelligent and genuine thoughts, and making sure everyone feels a part of the conversation. Allie Beaumont- for dedicating yourself to being the most friendly, honest, organized, and incredible person. No matter how close we’ve been during any given year of high school, I’ve always known you were someone I could look to, even just for a reminder that I could always be doing more, and smiling while I was doing it. Sofia Hargis-Acevedo- for leading me through this year in so many ways. You’ve inspired me to be vulnerable, laugh more, and to do everything with the aspiration of being kind. Thank you for extending your beautiful vibrance out into the world, and especially for coming into my world and changing it for the best.

WFP: You are a few of the most supportive, bright, and ingenious people that this school has. Thank you all for your devotion to this class, and also to being the best humans possible in every way. All of you inspire me with your words, attitude, and positivity daily. Thank you for letting me witness your brilliance, please continue to write and grow, always. 

A happy memory!

Lydia Bolger- for being my winter sunset 

You are such a beautiful and encapsulating peace even on the coldest and most unforgiving days. Anyone can, and everyone does, appreciate your warmth. It amazes me that the universe thinks I deserve someone so much better than me in every way—someone whose every passive action inspires me to be better. My world only makes sense when you’re in it; your presence makes me feel whole, and knowing I have you fulfills me. My heart is bigger because you showed me it could be. Even though I will forever be in debt to you, both in gas money and for making me who I am, you never fail to convince me that I’m perfectly enough, and for that, I could thank you eternally. I love you in the most beautiful way. 

A lot of joy went into this picture!

Ava Redmond- for being the Rapunzel to my Pascal

My world shifted when I met you, and now my day shifts every time I see you. Every time you walk into school I’m suddenly reminded that life is so much fun. It’s a good day when I know that I made you laugh, and an even better day when you share your chaotic and hilarious stories; thank you for thinking I’m funny, even though you’re definitely the funny one. Thank you for constantly reminding me what I’ve done and what I’ve gotten through, who I am, and who I can be. My mind is constantly stuck in a state of singing Disney songs in your mom’s minivan, falling asleep watching Vampire Diaries in your room, and playing ‘Win The Whitehouse’ together when we should’ve been paying attention to our zoom calls. Your place in my heart will always be huge, and I hope to always be laughing with you. I love you more and more, year after year.

Sarah Bethel- for being an optimist 

You make the most difficult days, situations, and emotions feel not so bad. Knowing I have you as a friend means knowing that I can get through anything, and laugh through it too. You give me a hope for the future that no one else can, and for that, you must be the most optimistic person I know. Thank you for taking on the role of being the funniest person I’ve ever met, but for also being so much more than that. The time and effort you put into being the best friend possible amazes me, and I can’t thank you enough for all of your immaculately planned get-togethers, honesty, and care for everyone’s well-being. I love you, and your insanely impressive ability to make baked goods without a recipe, so much. 

Mady Grimaldi- for sharing your words and making mine feel important

One of my favorite things to do is drive with you. Each time, we randomly get invested in the most deeply rooted conversations, and I always feel so lucky talking to you. You have always had such a beautiful way of articulating your emotions and thoughts, I’m so happy I’ve grown with someone as genuine as you are. Thank you for making my place in this world feel so valued, for noticing things about me that no one else does, and for being the greatest listener. I couldn’t imagine my life without your pure infatuation with the little things, the way you read emotions so effortlessly, and your ability to make any situation lighthearted. I hope one day I can get as good at expressing my feelings as you are, but for now, I’ll just say, I love you more than words could explain. 

A happy picture with people I love!

To the people who make my days brighter, and make me feel so encompassed in love.

Sofiya- for your texts that remind me of all the lessons you taught me, and for promising we’ll meet again so sincerely that I must believe you. Val Garza- for being the most understanding, while simultaneously hilarious, human I know. I couldn’t imagine who I’d be without knowing you. I absolutely adore fangirling, filling water bottles, eating snacks, and laughing with you. Thank you for being a reason to smile every single day. Lara Butlevics- for giving me so many reasons to love you, year after year. I couldn’t imagine growing up without your honesty, humor, and the memories I could’ve only made with you. You’re one of the coolest people I know, thanks for trying to make me cooler too. Coffee soon? Sydney VanLente- for standing up for me always, instilling a confidence in me I didn’t know I had, and for being a part of memories I’ll never forget. Mackenzie Wintrich- for always being someone to laugh with, always offering help and advice, and for treating everyone with the same kindness and respect. Kaylin Scheunemen- for extending your kindness and positivity out to everyone, always, no matter what. Noelle Stewart- for your beautiful smile that always brightens my day. Addy Scholtens- for your inspiring confidence, and for constantly exuding support and positivity. Celine Merhi- for being such a comforting presence in my life and always bringing me joy. Allison Kelly- for being as excited to see me in the hallway as I am you, and for always making my day. Veronica Vincent- for being yourself so fiercely that it encourages me to show more of myself. Masyn Cole- for always going out of your way to give the best and most sincere compliments. Grace Crook- for having a style that inspires mine and for making me laugh every time I see you, guaranteed. 

Paige sitting on the car in question!

To you four- for sitting in my car with me

Keegan Redmond- It’s so incredible to watch you live out a future I always knew you would have. Your talent, confidence, and charisma inspire me, and everyone else, every day. Thank you for being so much of the reason that I’m doing the things that I love now, for helping me branch out, for cleaning up my spilled salad at record speed, and for making me laugh on days I didn’t think I’d be able to. It’s been such a gift to grow up with you, and I can’t wait to see all the incredible things you’ll do with your future. 

Gia Monterusso- You’re one of the coolest people I know, and one of my favorite storytellers. Every word that you say has such purpose and power behind it, and I’m so grateful that you let me listen. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent, for making serious glances at me in the hallway, and for inspiring me to want more out of myself. You are amazing, and I can’t wait to see how much more you accomplish.  

Josie Butler- I can’t truly describe how much joy you, your outfits, your hairstyles, your voice, your smile, and your kindness bring me. I have always been in awe of you, and it continues to amaze me that someone so beautiful, talented, and hilarious could still be so humble and kind. Thank you for being the most genuine person I know, and for making me feel like I can so freely be myself. I feel so honored to be friends with you. 

Paige Harsevoort- I’m extraordinarily grateful to know you, your talent, and your soul. You have so easily clicked as a part of my life, and the more I know about you, the more I love. You are so authentically yourself, and open the door for everyone else to be themself too. Your care for others shines through in everything you do, and I aspire to be as loving and full of life as you are on a daily. Thank you for sharing your love with the world. 

Bows after a very happy conclusion to our fall practices.

The Improv team- for making me a better, and happier person

Doing improv with all of you transformed my perspective on the world. Each of you has helped me gain a new confidence, joy, and passion. I’m so glad that this seemingly random group of people became a team and got to make people laugh together. Abby Cumings- you’re one of my favorite people to laugh with. I admire your confidence and ability to go all into everything that you do. Thank you for inspiring me to smile more. Charlie Molitor- you, your style, and your “Hi Katelynn”s always make my day. Thank you for having a personality that invites people to be themselves, for getting to know me, and for letting me get to know you. I couldn’t imagine this year without you. Sully Lower- for being so kind in everything that you do, and for having such a contagious excitement about the world. Jake Barnes- for making me laugh uncontrollably, and encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Some of my favorites in zero hour!

Zero Hour- for giving me a place to grow

I am so authentically myself walking into this class each morning. Although some of it could be the caffeine, most of it is all of you giving me the chance to speak my mind, make mistakes, and learn, both about music and myself. Payton Dailey- I couldn’t imagine doing all the things that I love without you. You constantly give me so much peace of mind, and encourage me to step outside of myself in so many ways. I’m so glad you’ve been along on this journey with me, I sincerely don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t get to see your smile each morning. Athan Hillman- I always have a better day when I get to talk to you. You have a confidence, style, hilarious sarcasm, and aura I could only aspire to have. Thank you for your smile, for being my favorite person to randomly see in the hallway, for standing up for what you believe in always, and for being such a light in my life. Liam Bennett- I’m so happy I get to not only have you in choir, but also sitting next to me in math, not only because I’d be failing if it wasn’t for your help, but also because talking to you makes my day. Eshana Kaur- You have the kindest heart and most outgoing soul. You make me feel so valued and important every time I see you, it’s truly a blessing to know you. Thank you for making everyone feel so loved, the world is prettier because you’re in it. Mr. Ivory- your dedication to students is incredible. I don’t know many other teachers who know me and all my friends like you do, who would sit us down and have a dining room, family-style discussion to make the best environment possible for us, who shares his thoughts so passionately, and who puts his students above all else. Thank you for your devotion to bettering my friends and me day after day, I am nowhere near the same person I would’ve been without your impact. 

Alex and I backstage!

To the cast and crew of Clue- for being an amazing group to spend time with

All of you hold such a special place in my heart, the environment, art, and happiness we all created together is one that I will never forget, and I couldn’t put together the right words to truly thank you all enough. Ella Hunnewell- for being the best and most dedicated head of costumes two years running. You are such a comfort to have, and I’m so happy with how much our friendship has grown from the installation of dozens of safety pins in my dress, to now. Alex Fletcher- for being the best ‘Cast Sib’ a girl could ever ask for. I truly couldn’t tell you how much you mean to me, seeing you and your beautifully positive spirit is such a happy occasion, thank you for your constant kindness. Ava Romanyk- for doing literally everything for me and never once complaining. I’m so happy this show brought us together and let me get to know your kindness, I promise I’ll try to learn to curl my hair. Ashley Yarnell- for being the realest student director there is. I’m so grateful for the efforts you put into making the best experience possible for everyone, I can’t wait for the rest of the year.

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