TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Ava Tilley

To TCT Staff,

Thank you for creating an atmosphere so uniquely enriching as TCT. Every day I come to this class, I feel like I’m retreating to a safe house in the middle of a storm. You guys make me laugh every day, and all of your creative works inspire me to pursue a better medium for myself in writing. I love reading every one of your articles, and I don’t think there is a class I’d rather be in than this one. I want to give personal thanks to all the staff of TCT, especially its hardworking editors. Thank you to Katelynn and Payton, who were quite literally life savers to me anytime I needed first editors. To Allie and Sofia, thank you for your non-stop patience and guidance in teaching us WFP writers how to publish and set up our stories even when it meant walking around to every member to check. 

To Mr. George,

Thank you for supporting this class and its members to help young students achieve their writing goals. Your faith in allowing us to lead ourselves and keep ourselves within our deadlines is not something that I see often with teachers. I know our class can get rowdy and loud sometimes—especially with our freshmen—so I want to thank you for your endless patience and commitment on our part as a class. I also wanted to thank you for my past year in your class as a sophomore; your Honors English 10 class gave me opportunities to express my love for writing and gain confidence when I was still new to the school. Your optimism and love for every student bring life into every class you teach, and I hope you continue to do so for every new generation to come.

To my Mum,

Thank you for being my mother. I know it’s a little corny to say I would never want another mother, but it’s just the truth to me. I’m so lucky to have been given a mother like you, flaws and all. I know these past three years have been hard on you and that things have been changing rapidly with your sons out of the house and your youngest two years away from graduation, but I’ve never woken up a day in my life and wished for a different mother. Sure, you’re stubborn, hot-headed, and frustrating sometimes, but so am I. You are one of the most beloved things in my life, and I love you so much. 

To my Dad,

You’ve always been the strongest man I know. I rolled lucky with you, and I honestly don’t think the universe could have given me a better parent than you. You’ve always been there for me and encouraged me as a kid. You’ve always been the cool head to Mum’s hot blood, and when I needed someone to talk to, you’ve always been there to listen. You’re the man who taught me how to ski for the first time, the man who braided my hair in the morning when Mum felt too tired, and the man who encourages me to continue to write despite my failings. I’m so grateful I came into your life, and I don’t think words could ever tell how much I love you.

To Iman Hammad,

I’d honestly have laughed if you had told me I would find one of my most treasured friends in my ninth-grade biology class around three years ago, yet here I am today, still appalled at the fact you still talk to me. It’s hard to believe that the girl who asked me for a pencil is now the friend I talk to late at night and the person I would trust wholeheartedly. You are the reason why I’m trying to push and improve myself because you inspire me. You are so beautiful, kind, smart, and talented—I know in my heart that you’ll go so far, farther than anyone ever knows. You push yourself, you don’t ever back down from a challenge, and you set expectations for yourself that you conquer time over and over again. You have been accepted into the NHS, made Varsity Track, and won a school contest. You remember people’s names, and you make them feel valued; you don’t judge them based on their appearance or reputation but on their actions. I swear you could befriend anyone you set your mind to, and by the end of this year, I bet you’ll know more than half the school. I’m so proud of you and grateful to know you. Many happy years to you, my best friend.

To Mikayla Bush/Mickey

I gave you your nickname! Nah, just kidding because I’m truly happy I met you. You are a huge inspiration to me, and I don’t think you realize how talented you are. Your writing skills and amazing topic ideas bring mine to shame any day, and your love for those around you even in the worst of times is truly something to envy. You are kind, loyal, smart, and the best kind of friend I could ask for. There isn’t a single person like you. It’s one of the best parts of my day when I get to chat with you. Your creative intuition is awe-inspiring with your constant stories and imagination which I’m certain will lead you to success. When the day comes when you’re a famous author, I hope I’ll still be the person who gets to chat with you and read all your latest content. It makes me happy every time, and I hope that you’ll never change from being your fantastical self. 

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