TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Mr. George

I’m thankful for a full and happy life with my family, friends, and co-workers who motivate me to give my very best every day. This year’s students have given me their very best, and I’m excited to thank them here.

2nd Hour

Thank you to Jake for your insightful comments and leadership that impacts my room and the entire sophomore class, Henry for genuinely caring for others and for being an outstanding listener, Autumn for always looking for the positive in tough times with your leg and for confidently striving to improve as a writer and speaker, Jonah for your consistent and sincere kindness to me and others, Audrey for our daily talks when you’re the first one in the room, Cari for your daily optimism and for being so interested and invested in what we do in class, Aaron for your consistency and commitment in my class and life, Grace for your positive leadership and outstanding public speaking, Addyson for always smiling and working so hard on everything we do, CC for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and staying positive while doing so, Max for being an elite listener and leader by example in all aspects of your life, Stella for a great speech and for always thinking of others first, Addison for always sharing the stories of your life from robotics and everything else, Maggie for your kindness and for laughing with me (sometimes), Daulton for your insightful questions and comments and for leading without knowing you’re leading, Sawyer for your calm dedication to everything in your life: running, school, friends, and family, Clare for your laugh and for going above and beyond in everything we do, Rebecca for sharing your next-level ideas, writing ability, and intelligence with humility and grace, Gretta for being hilarious and fun and hard-working (did I mention hilarious?), Anna for being a model student and person in every way, Avery for being so kind to others and for consistently smiling (you have no idea how that helps me and others every day), Willem for your quiet humility despite your impressive accomplishments in all areas of life, Chloe for the energy, talent, and inspirational positivity that you add to my classroom, Alex for your enthusiasm, kindness, and happiness that serve as a daily reminder for all of us to enjoy our days just a little bit more, Declan for your sense of humor and dedication to reading, Dixon for setting the tone with your hard work and leadership (I’m proud of you for putting others first), Mason for being one of the nicest students I’ve ever worked with, Leah for always smiling and for truly giving me your very best every single day, and Maddie for your focus, organization, and commitment to achieving your potential.


3rd Hour

Thank you to Alex for sharing your love of sports with me (I’m looking forward to beating you in the fantasy football playoffs), Monia for showing off your public speaking ability and sharing your entrepreneurial ideas with me, Dia for always saying thank you and for thinking deeply and considering life, Alex Smith for the daily catch-ups and laughs and for pushing yourself to do more, Meredith for being a powerful leader in my room without even trying to be, Kris for being a kind and caring friend and confidant to many, Anneke for sharing my love of English and quotes and ideas, Abby for your friendly smile and welcoming demeanor, Avery for that genuine and caring smile that are the outward representation of your huge heart for others, Evelyn for consistency, positivity, talent, and maturity while still having fun, Heather for asking good questions and laughing at a couple of my dad jokes, Ana for your selflessness and gentle kindness that make others feel happy and comfortable around you, Kelly for powering your way up the reading leader board and for making my class important, Morgan for excelling in an honors class because of your effort, intelligence, talent, and organization, Dylan for commitment and hard work every day (cross country runners are always such focused and motivated students), Abbie for sharing your stories and always saying thank you at the end of the hour with Evelyn and Heather (it actually means a lot and helps me stay motivated and energized), Thomas for the fun talks about sports and for your consistency this year, Ava McDonald for your focused and intentional listening and contagious smile and laugh, Ava Malinowski for sharing your many talents (color guard, writing, public speaking) with me and the entire class, Lauren for stepping up and giving an outstanding presentation, Corey for stopping to see me every day on the way in and asking how my day was (and actually caring about my answer), Kaden for being one of the few that laughs at my bad dad jokes (I appreciate it more than you know!), Jordan for doing the right thing all the time and listening so closely to everybody and everything (good luck this basketball season!), Sawyer for stepping up and pushing yourself in all aspects of class (and for finally losing a couple in fantasy football), and Izzie for stopping into my room in the mornings and saying hello and for your energy, smile, and laughter every single day in class.


4th hour

Thank you to Kareem for always asking me what’s up in life during lunch, Jackson for working so hard and having fun while doing it, Gabby for being another awesome Thompson and for making school fun and interesting with your energy and passion for life, Rowan for just “getting it” and sharing your life stories and your unparalleled public speaking ability (and for always laughing at my attempts at jokes!), Grace for quietly being one of the funniest people I know, Lauren for your sneaky sense of humor and perceptivity, El for always making me laugh and for sharing your ideas and thoughts, Lia for leading the way every single day with your reading, your ideas, your energy, and your passion for English, Anna for keeping us posted on your volleyball season and for your kindness and maturity, Nathan for caring so much about how you do in school and for making what we do an important part of your day, Kayla for consistently spreading happiness and kindness, Aiden for really caring about those around you and for your best effort every single day, Khai-Thi for consistency in effort, energy, and excitement in class, Nora for your dedication to the swim team, my class, your friends, and your work, Reagan for being funny three times now (and for helping lead the way in making 4th hour Honors English 10 awesome), and Caitlyn for loving words and English as much as I do.


5th hour 

Thank you to Lilah for the daily fist bump and catch-up conversations, Audrey for your organization, effort, and kindness, Toby for your humility despite immense talent in many areas, Kylie for smiling all hour and sharing your best friends with us every day, Tessa for the talent you show on the soccer field, in the classroom, during presentations, and as a loyal friend, Norah VanderWeide for sharing my love of Elk Rapids and for always looking on the bright side, Ryan Hudson for sincerely thanking me every single day after class, Evan for showing off your motivating public speaking style, Coco for making all of us smile and laugh every day (and for giving me a hard time about my crazy socks), Myla for setting the bar high for everyone with your talent and commitment in dance and academics, Bryn for an A+ presentation and your A+ commitment to my class, Carly for your smile and laugh and intelligence and selflessness, Arsenia for being discreetly hilarious and for pushing yourself as a public speaker, Norah Helmsley for always raising your hand and also raising your game as a public speaker,  Andrew for always listening and giving full effort every day, William for improving as a listener and excelling as a friend and student, Junie for stopping in every morning and hanging with me during presentations, Frey for blending in with sophomores because of your talent and organization, Logan for your personality and energy that lifts everyone’s spirits, Mia for your hard work and dedication and talent and kindness, Keegan for giving me (and all of your other friends, groups, clubs, etc.) your best energy and effort every day, Juliana for your great questions and your genuine smile and laugh every day, Eshana for being extra kind, caring, and friendly, Ashley for the morning visits and the afternoon laughs, Ryan Hatfield for approaching your academics with care and concern and focus, Clare for laughing and smiling and making 5th hour fun for all of us, Keira for your insightful ideas and for your love of music and my class, Henry for your sense of humor, commitment to your grades, and outstanding presentation skills, Harper for unrelenting consistency and humility, and Kate for always sharing a sincere smile and for being trusting and loyal.


6th hour – Writing for Publication

Thank you to Millie for succumbing to my pressure to take this class and then excelling in every way, Addie for dedication and commitment to every single story, Finn for asking me about my day every single day (I appreciate it!), Evelyn for letting your writing talent shine more and more every week, Hazel for the happiness you spread with your fun personality and kindness, Gibby for the updates on the Tigers farm system and everything else sports (I love that we both love it), Erika for finally taking one of my classes and for your huge heart for others, Abby for the daily morning visit and for spending the last two years writing and writing and writing for me (and doing it masterfully!), Mikayla for working so hard in school and at work – I’m not sure how you do it all, Alysse for being inclusive and friendly and kind to everyone, Tilley for deciding to put up with me for another semester (It’s awesome to have you in my room again, Cam for sharing your daily energy and writing talent with everyone in the room, Ella for making me (and everyone around you) laugh every day and for your hard work and commitment to every story, Ellerie for your smile and for showing a natural talent for writing, interviewing, and journalism in general, Eva for your incredible talent in every interaction to make everyone else feel like the most important person in the room, Eli for trying so hard and giving me your best every single day and on every single story, Charlie for your energy and impressive writing talent, Jonathan for caring so much to do things the right way and for sharing your acting talent with the school, and Molly for your smile and kindness – class is better when you are involved. 


6th hour – The Central Trend

Thank you to Annie for fighting through, over, and around the obstacles you’ve been facing and doing it with a smile, Allie for leading and working and succeeding and arriving at the place you were meant to be, Payton for rejoining and then excelling in every way, Gigi for your sense of humor, editorial ability, and powerful voice of reason, Syd for working hard to make things work behind the scenes with TCT, Lauren for being everywhere every time and doing it with grace, kindness, and a smile, Addy for stopping in to visit and stepping up with podcasts and writing, Arpita for your kind words that are always followed by more kind words, Sof for your countless achievements in so many areas while remaining humble, selfless, and hilarious, Eva for your reliability, talent, awareness, intelligence, and commitment, Katelynn for making every single day better for all of us with your love for life, Kiera for always visiting and dedicating yourself to doing more and excelling along the way, and Alex for your improvement in using your voice in class and in your writing. 

Also, special thanks to the many students from previous years who stop in to visit randomly during my days:

Thank you to Daniel, Lucy, Mahta, Lydia, Maggie, Noah, Katya, Ellie, Maya, Josie, Priya, Syd, Maggie, Sarah, Hannah, Paige, Eva, and others that I apologize for forgetting at this moment.

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